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DSM ensures high-quality network with optical fiber coating

with the rapid development of 3G network construction in China, the optical fiber and cable industry has ushered in a new round of growth peak. Large scale FTTH construction requires optical fiber to have more performance than before

at the "International Symposium on optical fiber microbend loss testing methods and standard setting technology" held last week, DSM, the world's leading developer of optical fiber coating, accepted an exclusive interview with the media. DSM believes that the optical fiber coating helps protect the optical fiber against the harsh conditions and environmental factors of long-distance configuration, and ensures the reliability of the signal. When considering the long-term stability of the network through the detection and characterization by SGS, FDA and other agencies, High performance optical fiber coating is the key

regarding the decision on promoting three fusion issued by the State Council some time ago, steveschmid expressed that he was optimistic about the future optical fiber coating market. Steveschmid said, "the same situation has happened in the United States. The United States integrates voice and video services. For network infrastructure, it puts forward higher requirements for network bandwidth and establishes a bandwidth mechanism. The United States also uses optical fiber networks for three in one. The whole market is very optimistic."

at the same time, linweibin, general manager of DSM (China), also expressed the hope that micro bending resistant coatings can be widely used in the Chinese market, and can be "3G" soon to meet the requirements of government policies. He said that the "three in one" is the demand for bandwidth. We think it is the increase in the demand for optical fiber. Similarly, due to the increasing demand for this aspect and the increasing demand and requirements for traffic, it is becoming more and more important for the optical fiber products to form a desktop in terms of shape, quality and stability, as well as the data distance it can carry, signal attenuation and transmission to further places. DSM has developed a micro bending resistant coating as a shareholder system, which is specially designed and developed according to the future demand of the market. This part of anti microbend coating can make the data volume larger, so this part has greatly improved the quality of optical fiber in the whole industry

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