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Exhibition plan of Yingfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in 2006

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06.3.01 ~ 04 2006 the 8th Taiyuan international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition, schools and enterprises jointly overcome three major difficulties, Zhengzhou International Instrument and meter (Jinan) exhibition Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center f15

06.3.06 ~ this will also give the extruder industry endless development power 09 the 10th China (Guangzhou) international industrial control automation and Instrument Exhibition China Export Commodity Trade Exhibition Hall a163

06.4.07 ~ 10 2006 Northeast China 9th International Instrument and instrument and Industrial Automation Exhibition Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center (Hall A2) A2-163

06.4.12 ~ 15 2006 (the 7th) International Exhibition of automation and instrumentation in Southwest China B08 on the first floor of hall 2, Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center International industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition Shanghai International Exhibition Center d024

06.5.11 ~ 13 the 4th China Zhejiang International e-era automation technology and products exhibition Hangzhou Heping International Exhibition Center c012

06.6.19 ~ 21 the 10th South China International Industrial Control Automation Exhibition Shenzhen Exhibition Center a83

06.6.28 ~ 7.01 "2006 fa/pa" the 10th international modern factory/process automation technology and equipment Beijing The work of Chinese experimental machine manufacturers is to provide highly flexible data interface International Exhibition Center B207

September the 9th Wuhan International Industrial automation and Instrumentation Exhibition Wuhan International Exhibition Center

06.10.10 ~ 13 2006 Asia international factory automation technology and Equipment Exhibition

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