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The application of computer-aided innovation in the development of new agricultural machinery products


the eleventh five year plan is a key stage connecting the preceding and the following for China to achieve the development goals in the first 20 years of the 21st century. (3) install new sealing rings and rings. In this development process, agricultural modernization has become a very important aspect that affects the overall development. Agricultural mechanization is the main content and important symbol of agricultural modernization. China's goal is to continuously improve the level of agricultural mechanization by 2010, and generally enter the intermediate stage. To achieve this goal, we must strengthen the scientific and technological innovation ability of agricultural mechanization

since the state implemented the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, the interface cooperation between matrix and GF has also been correspondingly improved, which has effectively promoted the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China. However, the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China has also encountered many constraints, the most important of which is that the technical level of agricultural equipment does not meet the needs of agricultural development and the needs of farmers. In order to improve the technical level of agricultural equipment in China, we need to establish a corresponding scientific and technological innovation system, and put scientific and technological independent innovation in a more prominent position in the development of agricultural mechanization

at present, many agricultural machinery production enterprises in China generally have problems such as backward products and insufficient innovation ability. The key lies in the lack of innovative mechanism and ability to quickly respond to the market for new product development and manufacturing technology. Therefore, it is urgent to obtain specific technical support for new product development. Computer aided innovation technology provides important technical support for the development and improvement of agricultural machinery products, and has become the key technology for the development of new agricultural machinery products

1 Introduction to computer-aided innovation technology

1.1 content of computer-aided innovation technology

tensile testing machine is an extremely commonly used experimental machine computer-aided innovation technology CAI Computer aidedinnovation is based on the research of invention problem solving theory (TRIZ) which has developed rapidly in European and American countries in recent years, combined with ontology, modern design methodology Semantic processing technology, computer software technology and other innovative technologies integrated with scientific knowledge in many fields

1.2 basis of computer-aided innovation technology

1.2.1 basis of TRIZ

triz is the theory of inventiveproblem solving, a combination of the initials of words in Russian. The theory of invention problem solving originated in the former Soviet Union. It is a set of theoretical system put forward by genrichaltshuller after analyzing nearly 2.5 million high-level invention patents in the world and integrating the principles and rules of multidisciplinary fields. Its purpose is to study the scientific principles and rules that human beings follow in the process of invention and solving technical problems. TRIZ theory holds that product improvement, technological change and innovation in any field, like biological systems, have a process of production, growth, maturity, aging and extinction, which can be followed by rules. If people master these laws, they can actively carry out product design and predict the future development trend of products. TRIZ theory is the synthesis of these laws. Through this theory, people can greatly speed up the process of invention and get high-quality innovative products

1.2.2 general process of TRIZ theory

general process of TRIZ theory is shown in Figure 1

1.2.3 theoretical core of TRIZ

1) general theory (i.e. basic rule contradiction analysis theory and level of invention)

2) theory of technological evolution

3) 39 general engineering parameters and 40 invention methods to solve technical problems

4) principle of object field analysis and transformation and 76 standard solutions

5) problem solving procedure of invention problems(operator)

6) physical effect library

1.2.4 TRIZ product design evaluation formula

it is a difficulty to concretize the general solution of the problem in the process of TRIZ solving the problem, which requires domain background knowledge

triz theory believes that a successful design can be described as

Where s - successful design

PC - personal problem-solving ability

PKN - level and experience of domain knowledge

m - Application of TRIZ methodology and philosophy

T - Application of TRIZ tools

1.3 Computer Aided Innovation Software

TRIZ is a theoretical system composed of analysis tools and knowledge-based tools. In view of the different complexity of problems in innovative design, different tools should be used to solve them. In fact, without reference to manuals or electronic databases, designers need to master at least 10% - 15% of the total number of patents in TRIZ before they can realize the above requirements. In other words, only computer-aided innovation technology can help designers effectively use the evolutionary model of TRIZ tools, knowledge bases and technical systems in solving technical problems and product development. Computer Aided Innovation Software accelerates the product innovation process and ensures possible solutions that meet the requirements

1.3.1 computer aided innovation software commonly used at present

1) computer aided innovation solution of ivesion group in the United States. The core of the computer-aided innovation solution of evision group is two software platforms, namely, the computer-aided innovation platform pro/innovator and the innovation capability expansion platform cbt/nova. The purpose of cbt/nova is to help people quickly learn and master advanced innovation theories and methods with TRIZ as the core, cultivate people's innovative thinking, expand and stimulate engineers' innovative ability. Pro/innovator has the basic functions of system analysis of innovation problems, providing innovative solutions, patent query and analysis, and solution evaluation

2) techoptimizer and knowledgest techoptimizer. Closely combined with knowledgest, the innovative design process has achieved good operability

3) technology maturity prediction system software tmms1.0. The technology maturity of an enterprise is an issue that must be considered when making a strategic plan. However, there is a lack of clear standards for the judgment of product technology maturity, which mainly depends on the experience and feelings of experts or senior managers of enterprises. The conclusion is subjective and the accuracy is difficult to guarantee. A more objective method is needed to complete this work. The software is based on the technology system evolution theory of TRIZ theory, integrates the research results of technology maturity at home and abroad, takes patent analysis as the main way, and uses computer to process data, so as to speed up the process of product technology maturity prediction and improve the accuracy of prediction

1.3.2 the general process of using CAI software to solve innovative design problems

the general process of using CAI software to solve innovative design problems is:

analyze the essence of the problem, decompose and analyze the initial problem, semantically process the decomposed problem for query, enter the innovation principle base and innovation knowledge base for retrieval, obtain heuristic solutions, evaluate the obtained solutions, and generate the best feasible solution in combination with the actual situation

2 the application of computer-aided innovation in agricultural machinery manufacturing

2.1 the process of conceptual design using computer-aided innovation technology

at present, agricultural machinery production enterprises lack operable theoretical tools and methods to guide enterprise product innovation and process innovation, lack a unified and complete theoretical framework, and do not make full use of today's highly developed computer-aided technology, Therefore, the author proposes that based on computer-aided innovation technology, the establishment of theoretical operation to support enterprise product innovation and process innovation needs to be in strict accordance with the framework of operation specification performance theory, and the relevant theories and methods of computer-aided innovation should be applied to the whole life cycle of agricultural machinery products to guide product innovation and process innovation. In terms of agricultural machinery manufacturing, the general process of conceptual design using computer-aided innovation technology is shown in Figure 2

2.2 examples of achievements obtained in the innovation of agricultural product processing machinery by applying TRIZ theory

the shelling machinery of sunflower seeds is shown in Figure 3

1) innovative concept: use high pressure to separate fruits

2) method steps: put sunflowers into sealed containers; Under pressure, the pods in the container flow out of the container; The pressure drops rapidly, and the gas penetrates the shell under high pressure expansion, and the fruit is separated from the shell

3 problems that should be paid attention to in agricultural machinery innovation

3.1 strengthen the organization and guidance of technological innovation, establish professional consulting service institutions, and implement technological innovation. One of the important basic work is to understand the research trends and directions of today's advanced technology of agricultural mechanization, and grasp the focus of scientific research and development. At the same time, we should establish an incentive mechanism for technological development and transformation. Therefore, the competent department of agricultural machinery should strengthen the organization and guidance work, and it is suggested to establish agricultural mechanization consulting service institutions in accordance with the principle of enterprise management, specializing in the trading and transformation of scientific research dynamic information service achievements and other activities

3.2 agricultural machinery technology innovation should complement agricultural biotechnology innovation

only through the innovation of technical engineering, can agricultural biotechnology resources be transformed into agricultural material wealth, so as to promote the rational development of agricultural resources, improve the agricultural ecological environment, improve China's comprehensive agricultural production capacity, and promote the sustainable development of China's agriculture

3.3 combination of agricultural machinery technology innovation and agronomic measures

the combination of agricultural machinery technology innovation and agronomic measures can achieve yield increase, such as rice seedling raising, planting supporting technologies and machines, small and medium-sized rice harvesting machines and tools, walking water-saving irrigation machinery, precision and semi precision sowing machinery, chemical fertilizer deep application combined operation machinery, seed processing and greenhouse cultivation machines and tools. The yield increasing effect and economic benefits of these technologies are very significant, and have been accepted by the majority of farmers, so they should be further promoted

3.4 achieve the combination of production, learning, research, promotion and management. By organizing and implementing the development and production of major new agricultural machinery products and supporting machines and tools, give full play to social forces, and guide agricultural machinery enterprises to increase the research and development of key technologies and products through market pull. Through policy support, scientific research and development, demonstration and promotion, and market mechanisms, we will gradually form a sustainable scientific and technological innovation system for agricultural mechanization and a promotion system for virtuous cycle development. (end)

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