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The application of Danfoss inverter and synchronous card in the stenter and setting machine

the stenter and setting machine is a necessary finishing equipment for printing and dyeing plants. It is mainly used for stenting and heat setting of pure cotton, polyester cotton and other blended fabrics, as well as for stenting and heat setting of various knitted fabrics. With the development of textile printing and dyeing technology, the market needs high-quality stenting and setting machines to meet the process requirements. The annual demand for setting machines in China's textile industry is about 500. And began to export abroad

Shaoyang No.2 Textile Machinery Factory is the first professional manufacturer in China to develop stenting and setting machines. In order to meet the market demand for high-performance stenter and setter, the factory has developed the eighth generation product - m5469 stenter and setter, which has been successfully exported to Turkey, Pakistan and other countries

this type of shaping machine adopts the building block design, and provides a variety of options for different users to choose to process fabrics with different requirements. Its nominal door width is from 1800 mm to 3600 mm for users to choose; Suitable for needle clip, cloth clip or dual-purpose clip and other clip bodies; Used in heat transfer oil, gas, electricity, steam and other heat sources; The nominal speed is 100 m/min; The temperature control accuracy of the drying room is ± 1% of the set temperature. The feeding area, guide rail, drying room and dropping area of the machine refer to international advanced technology

internationally popular variable-frequency drive is used electrically. The synchronous control card of Danfoss company realizes the master-slave sub chain and scientifically and reasonably organize the on-site construction and installation step position transmission, and its master-slave speed ratio can be set arbitrarily, which is convenient to realize different process requirements. PID and feedforward control parameters can be self-tuning, which provides convenience for debugging and transformation

shaping process requirements for placing the sample on the zigzag attachment:

the whole set of shaping machine system includes: cloth feeding and needle (clip) feeding system; Track system; Amplitude modulation system; Hot air circulation system and distribution system. Among them, electrical control runs through all the time and must always be considered. In this application, the electrical control system adopts AC frequency conversion sub power speed regulation system. The main chain is driven by a frequency conversion motor and is used as the master of the whole machine. The transmission spline shaft is attached with a rotary encoder as the speed signal of other following units. The whole system requires a speed regulation range of 1:10 under constant torque load conditions, with low failure rate, convenient maintenance, simple operation, stable performance and ideal synchronization

the control system adopts programmable controller, touch screen, frequency converter and button switch to control the action of the whole machine. Moreover, due to the requirements of the process, the accuracy of the master-slave synchronous control of the whole feeding and discharging system is very high

comparison between the new solution of Danfoss frequency converter and synchronous card and the traditional solution:

the traditional stenting and setting machine adopts single shaft transmission and has a single form, which is difficult to realize when the speed ratio is required. Therefore, international advanced enterprises represented by Germany began to replace the traditional single shaft drive with sub chain synchronous drive

under this general trend, Shaoyang No.2 Textile Machinery finally decided to adopt the scheme of Danfoss frequency converter and synchronous card to realize sub chain transmission through technical exchange with Danfoss. Danfoss synchronous control has nearly ten years of production and application experience, and its technology is mature and reliable. It is widely used in similar applications, fully meets the technical requirements put forward by Shaoyang textile machinery company, and provides reliable post maintenance and technical support, so that users can rest assured. The physical diagram of the frequency conversion control cabinet is shown in Figure 2, and figure 3 is the actual situation of the distribution (load) operation of the main and subordinate sub chains

the basic structure of this application in the stenter and shaper is: the main chain is controlled by a separate frequency converter and controlled by bus communication; On the driven side, Danfoss frequency converter and synchronous control card are used. After accurately obtaining the encoder signal of the master-slave motor, it is calculated to obtain the speed and position instructions of the driven motor, so as to realize the synchronous control of the master-slave motor. The control mode is simple, the equipment is highly integrated, and the operation is reliable. And various information instructions can be easily fed back to the upper computer such as PLC and touch screen through the bus to realize the automatic control function

precautions for Danfoss solution:

because a large number of electronic devices such as frequency converters are used in the finalization machine, the electromagnetic interference to the system is very strong. In order to make the synchronous card and frequency converter work normally, some precautions hope that users and equipment manufacturers can strictly abide by in the process of installation. 3. Using the cylinder reset key can make the cylinder piston rise or fall to the set position, Avoid unnecessary accidents in later use and save manpower and financial resources

in order to make the system run in the best state, coupled with standardized and regular detection, it can ensure that the synchronization card and frequency converter run in the best effect, and can give full play to the advantages of the synchronization card to ensure that the whole system can bring maximum benefits to customers

please contact Danfoss technicians for relevant technical details

application example:

the sizing machine with synchronous card is installed and used in many textile enterprises in Turkey. The following is the scene. The customer is satisfied with the performance of the whole system, but some failures have been caused due to the above reasons, but the customer has received satisfactory results after improving according to Danfoss' requirements. One of its representative applications is floor mounted, and the other is elevated installation. In high mounted equipment, raw materials can be stored under the equipment to save space. The following is the actual scene of the site installation


due to the solution of Danfoss frequency converter and synchronous card, the new stenting and setting machine realizes the synchronous speed regulation of AC frequency conversion technology and PLC controlled frequency converter, realizes the synchronization of each master-slave unit, and many kinds of metals can be sintered as the precise control of clutch lining and the detection and monitoring of main process parameters, making a qualitative leap in its electromechanical integration and intelligent level. Make production more in line with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection

The successful trial production of the m5469 new stenter and setting machine has brought the development of printing and dyeing machinery to a new starting point. It will certainly bring good economic and social benefits to all user manufacturers, and show a bright development prospect for further improving the grade and market competitiveness of China's textiles and fabrics. Danfoss is deeply honored to join it, and hopes to contribute more to similar applications and cooperation in the future

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