80% of plastic products in the hottest market focu

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80% of plastic products on the market focus on energy conservation and environmental protection

children's toys or supplies made of antibacterial plastic can effectively prevent the breeding of germs and be healthier for children; The plastic raw material made of coconut shell can realize full degradation, no pollution and more environmental protection Yesterday morning, the 15th China Plastics Expo opened in Yuyao. With the increasingly extensive application of plastic products, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the development trend

adding antibacterial reagent plastic can also resist bacteria

children's plastic toys have been playing for a long time, and parents always think about how to disinfect them. If antibacterial plastic materials are used, parents will be more relieved. At the plastics Expo, Sinopec (600028, Guba) Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry showed the strollers and toys produced with antibacterial plastics. In order to increase the credibility of merchants, an antibacterial test report was also displayed

this is a new achievement we developed last year. The test shows that the antibacterial rate of antibacterial plastics against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus reaches 99%, and the price is only about 5% higher than that of ordinary plastics. According to the staff, the reason why plastics can resist bacteria is that nano composite antibacterial reagent is added into them. This reagent can be applied to almost all plastic materials, just like monosodium glutamate, making ordinary plastics into antibacterial plastics. Antibacterial plastics can be used to produce toys, tableware, household goods, etc. at present, they are used in washing machine internals and baby carriages

plastics made of coconut shell can be fully degraded

about 80% of energy-saving and environmental protection products in this year's plastics Expo. A German company introduced a kind of plastic made of coconut shell to break foreign trade barriers, which is characterized by degradation and more environmental protection. This kind of plastic is made of coconut shell or step 1: check the software marijuana first, and it can be made into some bowls, dolls, etc. even if children eat toys into their mouths, they don't have to worry about the harm of vigorously developing green packaging. According to the staff, the disadvantage of this kind of plastic made of coconut is that it is relatively brittle. It can only be used as surface parts, not structural parts

because of the material, not many degradable disposable tableware can be completely degraded. At the plastic Expo yesterday, Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences showed a food box made of heat-resistant polylactic acid. The main materials are corn starch and lactic acid. The food box can be completely degraded in the natural environment for a few months, leaving no trace, and can withstand the high temperature of 120 ℃. According to the staff, this kind of lunch box is more expensive than ordinary ones. It is very popular in European and American countries and has a market prospect in China

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