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The application of degradable plastic medical bottles in the industry

in recent years, several large-scale plastic medical bottle enterprises have gradually appeared in China, but compared with the beverage bottle market, the concentration of the plastic medical bottle market is far from enough. The whole plastic medical bottle market is currently in a chaotic situation of warlords according to this result, and there are many small-scale medical bottle manufacturers in the whole market. This has hindered the development of the environmental protection industry

according to the "analysis report on in-depth research and investment strategic planning of China's pharmaceutical products industry" released by Shangpu consulting, the advantages of some domestic medical plastic products are gradually decreasing, and the export products are still dominated by low-end products, while the R & D, production and market expansion of plastic pharmaceutical bottles with large market demand still need to be strengthened

in this case, it is extremely necessary for plastics that can be completely decomposed into low molecular compounds. Degradable packaging plastics are characterized by convenient storage and transportation. As long as they are kept dry, they do not need to be protected from light, and have a wide range of applications. They can be used not only in agricultural mulching films and packaging bags, but also in the field of medicine. With the development of modern biotechnology, adding corresponding accessories can also be used for torsional experiments on parts and components. Degradable plastics have attracted more and more attention, and have become a new generation of research and development hotspot

it is reported that the new biodegradable packaging will automatically decompose into water, carbon dioxide, inorganic salts and biomass energy after special processing. In addition to drugs, the packaging container can also contain face cream, gel, shampoo, mouthwash and other substances. The application of this kind of degradable packaging to the pharmaceutical industry will promote the development of the industry, which was a commonly adopted method in the 6710th century

domestic enterprises should keep up with the pace of the times, grasp the development trend of plastic medicine bottles, develop new efficient and high-performance medicine bottle molding equipment, and constantly increase the proportion of degradable plastics in the application of the pharmaceutical industry

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