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Discussion on packaging visual focus design

how to evaluate the success of a packaging design? I think visual function is essential in addition to physical function, human function and other factors. In visual function, focus design is one of the effective means to accurately and quickly convey commodity information. This paper only makes some superficial discussion on visual focus design

first, the role of focus design

in packaging and decoration design, various elements should first be conducive to the transmission of commodity information. The focus design can make the product information achieve effective performance on the packaging. Use the most direct and concise language to tell consumers what product it is, which is convenient for consumers to recognize and remember. The focus design is to properly focus the main information on the packaging screen on one focus, so that the commodity information can be accurately transmitted to consumers in a very short time

the focus design should be carried out according to the physiological condition of human eyes. The reason why human eyes can see objects is that light waves reflect objects to human eyes and quickly transmit them to human brain, which determines what they are. The normal focus of human eyes is objects parallel to the eyes, that is, the first thing the eyes see is something that forms a horizontal line with the eyes. The shift of human visual focus is from left to right, from top to bottom. If there is nothing above a packaging screen, people's eyes will habitually shift the focus from top to bottom. As for the halo in vision, it has a great influence on the focus. If the focus is scattered, the halo will produce a dazzling feeling, and the main commodity information will be easily disturbed. The focus design is to make it clear at a glance, highlight the key points, facilitate the rapid transmission of commodity information to consumers, and facilitate the identification of commodities. Therefore, the focus design can be suitable for human visual physiology

in some packaging in China, the picture design is extremely gorgeous and dazzling, but this kind of packaging design may not be successful, because it overemphasizes the beautiful picture and ignores the transmission of commodity information, making the picture dominate. It affects the transmission of commodity information, which is inappropriate

the focus design must also adapt to people's psychological behavior. There are generally three kinds of buying psychology. One is that consumers buy because of their urgent needs in life. At this time, the psychology is to immediately find the goods they need. This kind of goods should focus on the consumers or the image of the goods; The other is the famous and special products that consumers are used to. At this time, consumers' psychology is to find a certain brand mark. This famous and special product should highlight the brand mark so that consumers can identify and choose; The third kind is the goods that consumers think can be bought or not. However, due to the unique packaging structure, shape and design, strong artistry, elegant appearance, distinctive and easy to identify, this kind of packaging can also stimulate consumers to buy at any time

second, the focus design of text

the focus design of text should first make the text on the package accurate, clear and easy to understand. Secondly, the product name is short and prominent, concise and clear. We should use the most direct and refined language to tell consumers what it is, because consumers do not need any extra language. In this way, consumers can quickly find the goods they need to buy from a wide variety of goods. On some packages in the international market, only the words of brand name and product name are designed intensively. Some packaging designs change and decorate the words, which also looks beautiful and generous, and the commodity information is strong. For example, the words on the drug packaging should be concise and lively. Focus the brand name, product name and mark on the prominent position, and the product name is clear, which is convenient for doctors and patients to choose. Drug consumers generally look for the drugs they need to buy when shopping, rather than appreciate the decoration of the pattern. No matter how beautiful the design is, but the commodity information is not prominent, then its drugs may not win in the sales market

text design is an important part of packaging design. Designing fonts well is also one of the effective ways to attract customers. When designing characters, the font should be suitable for the needs, and foreign handwriting or Chinese cursive script, clerical script and other fonts should be used as little as possible, so as not to affect the transmission of commodity information. The font should be easy to see and understand under the premise of emphasizing beautification

some packages in the international market attach great importance to using dark colors to set off the text and increase the contrast, which is very concise and has a strong sense of the times. The product information is quite clear and easy for consumers to remember. Chinese calligraphy art is famous all over the world. If calligraphy can be well used in packaging design to convey commodity information, it is also a means to form a unique style of Chinese packaging design. For example, the packaging design of tea can focus on the word "tea", and the packaging of wine can focus on the word "wine", which makes it clear at a glance. Some consumers in the international market also like this kind of packaging very much. However, some designers focus on English in their design, and even do not write in Chinese. This kind of packaging is difficult to identify for Chinese customers who do not understand English. If it is China's export commodity packaging, it is not necessarily necessary to highlight the English brand name. The question is whether it can effectively convey the commodity information. If this effect cannot be achieved, such a design is also inappropriate. For international mass goods, it is not necessarily necessary to highlight English. As long as the focus design, simple and generous patterns, and imaginative signs are used to highlight the commodity, the commodity information can also be transmitted to consumers in different countries. Some Japanese packaging is designed by this method, which shows that the focus design of text plays a great role

third, the focus effect of commodity image

nowadays, commodities in the world are developing towards two poles. It has always been the development of high-grade commodities, and the second is the development of popular commodities. Chinese traditional handicrafts, which can reflect Chinese characteristics, are quite promising. The design should have Chinese tradition and national style to show its uniqueness. However, popular goods also use traditional and national styles, which may not be successful. Chinese national art is great in the world, and its tradition is rich, which is worthy of inheritance and innovation. When applied to packaging design, we should see that different commodities have different requirements. If there is no difference, it is inappropriate to highlight national traditions. Just like an actor acting for the audience, not for himself. Therefore, the design of mass commodity packaging should be suitable for the tastes of the exported countries, such as food packaging. The international market tends to use color food photos to design pictures. Color photos of food can reflect excellent, fragrant and delicious feeling. Therefore, the focus of this design should highlight the image of goods, so as to quickly transmit the information of goods, so as to arouse the appetite of consumers and promote the sale of goods. It is also food packaging design, but due to the lack of merchantability, it is not easy for consumers to identify. This beautiful picture, which has nothing to do with the commodity itself, has lost the function of transmitting commodity information, and this kind of design is also inappropriate

in some packaging designs in China, the beautification of packaging design is generally overemphasized, while the transmission of commodity information is ignored. And focus design is just one of the effective methods to quickly transmit commodity information. Coke design of commodities has become a trend in food packaging. The focus design is to strengthen the visual impact and attract the attention of consumers, so that it can stand out among many commodities. Decoration and beautification plays a role in attracting consumers, but it should also be beautified on the premise of setting off commodity information. The focus of the design should be concise and clear, so that consumers can accept the product information in an instant, so as to choose the products they are satisfied with

Fourth, the treatment of color in focus design

the color used in packaging design is not only used to beautify goods, but also set colors according to the habits of the exported countries, color taboos, sales targets, consumers' psychological behavior and other aspects: at the same time, colors should also be set according to different commodity attributes. Based on the analysis of various data, the general color trend of packaging design in the world is: the color of cosmetics is elegant and noble; The color of metal products is heavy and tough; The color of children's products is relaxed and lively, showing a sense of happiness; The color of food is light and clean, showing a sense of hygiene; The drug uses chromoalbumin, showing a sense of quietness; Sporting goods are bright and powerful in color. In short, the color of the packaging picture should be set on the premise of setting off the commodity information. If the color of the design is too colorful and eye-catching, it is not conducive to setting off the commodity information. The color used in packaging design is mainly to set off the commodity information. For example, some good design works abroad have good intuitive effect, which can be used for reference. 5、 The relationship between pattern and focus design

the pattern design on the package is a part of beautifying goods. Some bags are over decorated in order to pursue novelty by considering the operation space, and lose the function of transmitting commodity information. Therefore, in order to improve the publicity effect of packaging design, the focus of commodity information should be based on jb/t8521.1 (2) 007 woven sling safety Part 1: general purpose synthetic fiber flat sling and JBT 8521.2 (2) 007 woven sling safety Part 2: general purpose synthetic fiber round sling force detection related requirements. It is very important to arrange such a control principle is relatively simple. On the packaging screen, the pattern design and the foil must obey the focus of the commodity information, which can only serve as a foil to the focus, but cannot interfere with the focus. Some packaging designs have no foil, but the image of the goods is very prominent and clear at a glance. There are also some improper packaging designs in the international market, which cannot be copied blindly, so as not to affect the sales

sixth, the relationship between focus design and market sales

on average, there are tens of thousands of goods on display in supermarkets at home and abroad. According to their own characteristics, consumers can only accept part of the information, but not all of it. Therefore, they can only replace the old information with new information, and the weak with strong information. This is the competition of information transmission. Packaging designers must be clear that goods are sold on the shelf by packaging itself, and they should stand on the shelf and compete with "neighbors". If you put many things on the package that others don't understand, you will actually waste consumers' time, energy and money. Because in supermarkets, consumers have no time to appreciate your works. If they can't understand it, they will turn to other people's goods

when consumers buy goods, they don't need to read them in order like reading a book. They don't need to read information they don't need. The most successful part of packaging is how to deliver information to consumers as soon as possible. If you can catch consumers in an average of 7 seconds, your design will be half successful. Generally, the packaging that is designed successfully is the elimination method: replace the pressure stabilizing spring with appropriate stiffness or clean the dirt. The consumer can see the overall packaging at 4 meters, what the commodity is at 3 meters, and the characteristics of the commodity at 2 meters, so that consumers can make a choice, and the consumer can see it at 1 meter

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