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The world's first nano composite cutting tools entered the Chinese market

the world's first cutting tools made of nano PCBN materials and improved cost effectiveness were introduced to China with the establishment of the Shanghai Representative Office of micro boron Technology Co., Ltd. The cutting efficiency of cast iron, quenched steel, superalloys, superhard materials and some difficult to machine materials is thus improved to a higher level

it is reported that at present, only Sandvik company has a complete production capacity of micron PCBN tools in the world. Except for micro boron, no second company uses nano PCBN granular materials to produce cutting tools. The company announced that the nano PCBN launched this time has higher hardness than artificial diamond, super impact resistance and higher high temperature resistance, which can help customers improve their productivity in finishing and ultra finishing by 20 times

micro boron company has developed composite materials with high impact resistance based on the catalytic synthesis of cubic boron nitride micro powder developed by Minsk Institute of solid state physics and semiconductors in the former Soviet Union. They have patented technology from cubic boron nitride powder synthesis to composite sheets and finished cutting tools. They are one of the few enterprises in the world that have the technology of independently synthesizing and producing cubic boron nitride cutting tools. The person in charge of NASA said that the micro boron cutter has attracted the attention of the industry because of its high impact resistance, high temperature tolerance and strong intermittent processing. Its embedded cutter for hard metal processing - micro boron classic, and for hard metal rough machining and semi precision machining. If these electronic components and parts need the overall cutter of folding workers - micro boron Weimeng has been widely verified

Mr. aleksandrtimofeev, general manager of the company, said: "China's metal cutting market has become the fastest growing market in the world in recent years, and Chinese customers have increasingly become mature customers with high standards and requirements. They continue to seek the latest and best technology to strengthen their competitiveness. We advocate efficient cutting and can use fast and effective processes such as compression molding and injection molding to convert it into final part cutting (HPC) We are committed to the research, development and application of metal cutting PCBN new materials, which can better meet the needs of this market. "

Mr. fanyulin, marketing manager of micro boron technology company in China, has worked in the tool industry for many years. He said that micro boron has helped customers solve the problems in bearing processing in the past few years, doubling the processing efficiency, and its solutions for heavy industry and automotive industry will have a broader application market

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