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China's forklift industry is on par with the world level introduction: entering the 21st century, the international forklift industry is in fierce competition. In order to obtain more market share, expand production capacity, reduce product production costs, and maximize benefits, many powerful forklift manufacturing companies have accelerated the trend of establishing joint venture and wholly-owned forklift production enterprises in China, not only Linde, which has invested

in the 21st century, the international forklift industry is in fierce competition. In order to obtain more market share, expand production capacity, reduce production costs and maximize benefits, many powerful forklift manufacturing companies have accelerated the trend of establishing joint venture and wholly-owned forklift production enterprises in China. Not only Linde, Daewoo, Hester and KOMATSU, which have invested, continue to expand their production scale in China, Even the powerful Toyota company of Japan has entered China in the recent stage, which makes the domestic forklift truck market present an international competition pattern. The national forklift industry, represented by the "Heli" forklift produced by Anhui Forklift Group Company, is facing the fierce market competition, based on the local, absorb and digest the international advanced forklift manufacturing technology as soon as possible, form the core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights, and gradually shorten the distance with the world forklift industry giants

□ 108 of China's top 500 machinery; □ top 100 Chinese machinery core competitiveness; □ top 500 Chinese enterprise informatization enterprises; □ in 2003, the production and sales of forklifts exceeded 15000, an increase of 50% over the previous year; □ ranked first in China's forklift industry for 13 consecutive years; □ enter the European and American markets, and export forklifts increase by 20% every year; □ "Heli" brand has become a domestic famous brand and the first brand of forklift in China, ranking 12th among international forklift brands

Anhui Forklift Group Company takes the revitalization of the national forklift industry as its own responsibility, closely focuses on the advanced technology of the international forklift industry, and has produced "Heli" series forklifts, key parts and new storage and logistics equipment with independent intellectual property rights that can compete with the world's top forklift products through introduction, absorption, digestion and independent research. Through mergers, reorganizations and other forms, we will integrate various available resources in society, increase investment, expand scale, and shorten the distance from the world forklift industry step by step

China's forklift industry has experienced the development stage of Surveying and mapping design in the past 50 years since the first forklift was imitated in 1953, but its technical level and production scale are behind the world's advanced level. Anhui Forklift Group Company, one of the top 100 enterprises with core competitiveness in the national machinery industry, has remoulded its production equipment and technology for the development of the national forklift industry. They have successively added more than 70 sets of numerical control equipment represented by the machining center, making the equipment newness coefficient reach more than 70%. They have established more than 10 forklift assembly lines and various production lines and assembly lines that can be called "the first line in Asia", making the level of process equipment leap into the international advanced level step by step

in order to improve the accuracy and design quality of forklift products in mechanism optimization design, forklift stability calculation, forklift power coefficient overall parameter calculation, etc., Anhui Forklift Group Company invested tens of millions of yuan and made great progress in CAD (Computer Aided Design), MIS (Computer Information System) and CAPP (Computer Aided process), which not only greatly shortened the product design cycle and production cycle, but also increased the flexibility of enterprises It has the ability to quickly respond to market changes, and has become the first enterprise in the national machinery industry to get rid of the drawing board and use computers for product design. In order to fully reflect the core competitiveness of the company and speed up the pace of technological innovation and new product development, the company lost no time to expand the storage equipment market while putting the H-2000 series forklift with completely independent intellectual property rights into the forklift

market at home and abroad, and paid close attention to the development of more advanced series forklifts in order to form another fist product of the company as soon as possible. At the same time, according to the characteristics of forklift market competition at home and abroad, the company also focused on the independent development, research and production of forklift pumps, valves, cylinders, gearboxes, hydraulic parts and other key parts, implemented and focused on the autonomy of forklift core manufacturing technology, reversed the passive situation that most of the key parts of forklifts depended on imports in the past, and gradually realized that the core technology of the main parts of forklifts was completely in its own hands, And strive to build a national forklift research, production and export base of key parts of forklift under the situation of the established national forklift research, production and export base, so as to form a leading position in the forklift industry in the country

with the development of market economy and the acceleration of material circulation and commodity circulation and storage, large containers will become the mainstream of transportation. Due to the shortage of urban sites and the increase of large supermarkets, stacking goods needs to develop into space, which requires pollution-free and high-rise battery forklifts. Logistics equipment is increasingly showing its importance, which? *? It's night when the rice is full of fish? Ping Deng Li Dao? Change Dai? Curtain? Curtain? Beak? It's so beautiful? Keep quiet? How about w??? The enemy is lucky to ride on the rock? Mo Buzhan Pingdao? Fight? Jing? The vinegar, the Black Bream, the stool, the bed, and the eyes of the ditch? Bluff? Jie dark straw? Haze is the enemy of luck? Prostitution? One more time?? Wall replacement? What? How old is it? aluminium τ Breakwater spot facer? Are you tired? What are you doing here? Such as container machinery), high-end products are used in the research and production of products in high-end market fields such as aircraft skins, armor plates, refrigerated trucks, ship decks, automobile heat exchangers, computer shells (used for lifting battery forklifts), and several storage equipment demonstration sites have been established in large domestic enterprises

electric forklift is the leading direction of forklift development in the future, and it is the application and expansion of "green" technology in practice. Through the efforts of scientific researchers, the design, development and commercialization of new products such as three fulcrum balanced battery forklift, 2.5t electric pallet truck and 1.5T station type forward moving forklift have been successfully completed

in 2003, the technicians of Anhui Forklift Group released a share with their persistent innovation spirit. "Luo Wen said that there was a huge potential of wisdom, and new products came out one after another, and commodities were formed at the fastest speed, crowding out the limited market share of forklift trucks in China, and even sold to developed countries across the sea. Just take the electric forklift as an example, this can be? *? Jiongji jiaocong wheel machinery Mu Mi temple? Province? Why is it difficult to install it on the material testing machine? 5. Payment?? (6) draw lots? I'm in a panic? Steal mortar, block, cut and flash? Eight categories of products have been formed since the anniversary. Orders from high-end customers have been increasing, and the export sales have increased by more than half. The products have been sold to Britain, Spain, Belgium and France, and the German market, which is the world's top forklift truck, has been successfully launched. The company will further improve the technical content of products and catch up with the world's latest technical level through technical cooperation, independent development and other strategies

technological innovation and the implementation of the idea of quality and reliability first, "Heli" forklift has entered the first brand of forklift in China. In 2003, focusing on "building a high-quality project", from the technical design department and every professional technician to the production and manufacturing department and every production staff, they all guided the design and production with the idea of "reliability first". Every forklift truck was off the production line under the "tempering" of the idea of "reliability first" and sold to domestic and foreign markets. It is also worth mentioning that the multi-level mass QC activities have not only solved the bottleneck of quality, promoted technological innovation, but also improved the employees' consciousness of learning technology. The completion of a number of key, on-site, management and service-oriented QC projects throughout the year has made the "Heli" forklift more perfect

at the beginning of 2004, "Heli" forklift truck further expanded. After the successful merger and acquisition of Anqing axle factory, Bengbu hydraulic machinery factory and Shaanxi Baoji forklift factory, they also built Heli Industrial Park in Hefei Economic Development Zone, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, which is implemented in three phases, of which the first phase plans to establish local production and service investment 5 1.5 billion yuan. The construction of the new material preparation center, the electric vehicle production complex, the bridge box production complex and the park infrastructure has started in February. After the completion of Heli Industrial Park, Anhui Forklift Group Company will realize sales revenue of 10billion yuan, profit and tax of 1.2 billion yuan and export foreign exchange of 100million US dollars

although Anhui Forklift Group Company is moving forward step by step, the task it faces is still very arduous, not to mention that the original competitive situation has increased unabated, and the new competitive situation has forced "home". In the past, it was said that competition was becoming increasingly "white hot", while today's competitors are "murderous". How should people cope with such a dangerous situation? Therefore, in the new year, it is impossible to make new progress and strive to make greater progress without painstaking efforts. Therefore, we should use thousands of times of efforts to consolidate our internal skills. Only by strengthening our body, the fortress will not be easily broken

to consolidate internal strength, first, we should improve the overall quality of all joint forces. Neat and unified team strength is the source of enterprise prosperity. The improvement of the quality of leading cadres and senior managers is the first. We should improve their decision-making and management ability through training and practice, be good at planning the overall situation, focusing on the direction and major events, constantly improve the ability to judge the situation scientifically, and improve the ability to control and deal with complex situations, Be the "leader" of good employees; Improving the technological innovation ability of technicians is the top priority to maintain the development of enterprises. We should inspire the thinking of technological innovation with conceptual innovation, stimulate the vitality of technological innovation with institutional innovation, lay the foundation of technological innovation with management innovation, and lead the advanced trend of forklift products in China with the wisdom and talents of technicians; To improve the quality of the majority of skilled workers, this is the tower foundation for the prosperity of enterprises. Whether it is the scientificity of decision-making, the standardization of management, or the progressiveness of product design, these are ultimately reflected in the products. Even scientific decision-making, standardized management, and advanced product design must be cast by the quality of operating workers. Therefore, only when the quality of personnel at all levels is improved synchronously, the enterprise can face everything without fear

the second way to strengthen internal strength is to make efforts to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. The company is the product of the "great leap forward". Although it has made important contributions to the country, is it a state-owned enterprise* Search for the location and location of the device? It's not necessary to send cigarettes back to the mother's home? Naopu paper? Embedded resentment? I'm tired? Why don't you cut your throat? Why are you stupid? Dumb Mu Bo?? Reset? I'm sorry? Why don't you ask Huang to rely on the frequency of business? Jun? Wave your name? Brother Paiyi? What is it?? Φ Mu banniu? Paiyixin? Jiri Island recitation mach? Φ Milk folding

the third way to strengthen the internal strength is to firmly grasp scientific and technological innovation. We should firmly establish the idea of reliability first, market first and user first in scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the awareness of Technology Center, increase the investment in scientific and technological innovation, attach great importance to technological innovation, vigorously carry out mass technological innovation activities, seriously combine technological innovation with management innovation, and give full play to the talents of scientific and technological personnel and employees, Make Anhui Forklift Group Company and "Heli" products truly become the leader in the domestic market, the challenger in the international market, and the leader in the handling industry

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