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Dalian forklift: carry the honor and continue the brilliant journey

Dalian forklift: carry the honor and continue the brilliant journey

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Guide: Dalian forklift: carry the honor and continue the brilliant journey dialogue with Mr. xiongyanbin, head of the Publicity Department of Dalian forklift Co., Ltd., the high-profile annual grand meeting of the construction machinery industry BICES 2011 came to an end. At this golden battle of construction machinery feast, Dalian forklift Co., Ltd

Dalian forklift: carry honor and continue the glorious journey

-- dialogue with Mr. xiongyanbin, director of the Publicity Department of Dalian forklift Co., Ltd.

the high-profile annual event of the construction machinery industry - BICES 2011 came to an end. At this golden battle of construction machinery, Dalian forklift Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dalian forklift") launched a heavy attack with high-tech products, It shows the strong strength of independent innovation of Dalian forklift truck to customers at home and abroad in an all-round way. As the forklift and industrial vehicle network media with the largest number of visits and influence in China, China forklift information () reported the whole process of BICES 2011. At the exhibition site, Mr. xiongyanbin, director of the Publicity Department of Dalian forklift Co., Ltd., accepted this exclusive interview, which gave us a deep understanding of the business ideas and development concepts of Dalian forklift

the exhibition stand style of Dalian forklift Co., Ltd.

sixty years of trials and tribulations witnessed the brand strength

in the field of China's forklift industry, the development process of Dalian forklift is quite legendary: it is known as the cradle of China's forklift industry. In 1958, China's first forklift was born here, and then it filled more than 20 national gaps. After the successful restructuring in 2003, the honorary Dalian forklift truck has continued to achieve leapfrog development. Its annual sales revenue and production and sales volume have increased by 30%. The perfect combination of accumulation and innovation has written the legendary history of professional manufacturing in China

for a long time, Dalian forklift truck has attached great importance to the connection between product research and development and the market. Guided by customer needs and the market, it is committed to improving the reliability and stability of products and constantly launching high value-added products. "In this exhibition, we have brought five new products with industry-leading technology, including 2-ton battery cars, 3-ton, 5-ton, 10 ton and 15 ton forklifts. On the whole, the appearance design, technical level, product configuration and product performance have been greatly improved, representing the R & D strength of independent innovation of forklifts in Dalian." Minister Xiong introduced to China forklift truck information

Dalian forklift Co., Ltd. product display

"Nowadays, the product line of Dalian forklift covers battery forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, container forklifts, front hoists, tractors, special vehicles, etc., with medium and large tonnage as the dominant products. At present, Dalian forklift is the only enterprise in China that can produce ton full series forklifts, and the R & D capacity and level of medium and large tonnage forklifts and container forklifts have always been in the leading position in the industry. With the steady development of enterprises With the continuous innovation of exhibition and products, Dalian forklift has established a dominant position in the forklift industry. " Minister Xiong said

with technology as the guide and insight into market demand

China's forklift market with great potential has become one of the most open, competitive and international markets in the world. The world's top 20 forklift manufacturing enterprises have camped in China, and some "laymen" enterprises have also set foot in the forklift industry in order to get a share. Foreign brands and national brands have launched a fierce competition. All of a sudden, the domestic forklift market has become turbulent and chaotic. As an old brand enterprise in China's forklift industry, how does Dalian forklift stand out in the fierce competition

product display of Dalian forklift Co., Ltd.

in the era of increasingly fierce market competition, R & D, as the core part of the construction machinery manufacturing industry, has become the key for enterprises to win competition and establish brands. Dalian forklift is well aware of this. Dalian forklift truck integrates product development, design, processing and manufacturing, constantly absorbs contemporary international advanced forklift manufacturing technology, adopts international advanced forklift design concepts, boldly promotes technological innovation, and has formed a flexible manufacturing system that adapts to the characteristics of multi variety, small batch and discrete manufacturing through the introduction of a large number of high-precision CNC equipment, including blanking, welding, finishing and painting. Through the implementation of information-based effective management, With the help of CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP and other systems, we can realize the sharing of R & D, manufacturing, information and other resources within the enterprise

the innovation of R & D technology can take the lead with the competitiveness that competitors are difficult to replicate, and a deep understanding of market demand can better meet the needs of customers and create greater value for customers. Minister Xiong said, "in terms of product innovation, Dalian forklift truck focuses on meeting the personalized needs of users and improving the rapid response ability of the market, gradually realizing the transfer from product manufacturing to product creation, and constantly launching high value-added products that meet the needs of users." With the rapid rise of China's container industry, Dalian forklift truck quickly gathered (such as bolts of various shapes, torsion springs, clockwork, etc.) or non-metallic materials to conduct strength change experiments; It can also change the strength of composite materials and components. The transformation of container forklift is not only the prelude to the overall adjustment of the structure and scale of forklift products in Dalian, but also a new economic growth point for enterprises

product display of Dalian forklift truck Co., Ltd.

strengthen brand construction and respond flexibly to the market

brand is one of the most powerful weapons for enterprises to explore and occupy the market. While continuously absorbing the contemporary international advanced forklift manufacturing technology, Dalian forklift has always insisted on building the "rhinoceros" brand, highlighting the brand competitive advantage. Today, "rhinoceros" has become a well-known brand in the industry. With excellent performance and perfect service, it has won praise from customers at home and abroad. Its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world

for brand communication and promotion, Dalian forklift spared no effort. In addition to participating in large-scale engineering machinery exhibitions such as basic exhibition and BMW exhibition, Dalian forklift also displayed its brand charm through media publicity, network publicity and other ways, spread the core values of the brand, and let customer groups know the excellent performance of products in an all-round way. The constant publicity and promotion of "rhinoceros" has continuously improved its popularity and influence, laying a solid foundation for the problems that should be paid attention to in the breaking test of steel wire universal testing machine to further expand the market

in recent months, the development situation of domestic forklift industry is not optimistic, facing the dilemma of sharp decline in growth rate. How does Dalian forklift respond to this? Minister Xiong said, "First of all, we actively adjust our market strategy and turn our products to aluminum plants, steel plants, ports, docks and other fields with large demand. Second, we continue to strengthen brand building, develop new customers, vigorously promote advantageous products, and increase the market share of the whole industry. In addition, we have a large number of high-quality user groups. In June this year, our products have occupied a certain share in the market. Therefore, the market growth of the industry in the second half of the year The sharp drop in speed has not had much impact on the enterprise, and Dalian forklift truck can still maintain steady growth. "

vision for development

an enterprise that can quickly respond to market demand and win market development opportunities not only has the ability to feel the pulse of today's market, but also has keen insight and long-term strategic development awareness, and can see future development opportunities from the crisis. "The Construction Machinery Industry Association predicted at the beginning of this year that the annual growth rate of the domestic construction machinery industry will remain at 17% during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the industry sales scale will reach 900billion yuan by 2015. As an important branch of the construction machinery industry, the forklift industry has a very broad prospect. The national specification for instruments we supply was issued two years ago, which will surely bring good opportunities for the development of enterprises. " Xiong said when talking about the development prospect of China's forklift truck market

based on the optimistic understanding of the industry prospect, Dalian forklift has made clear the future development strategy of the enterprise, Minister Xiong said, "We will continue to devote ourselves to product research and development, always keep close to market demand, develop innovative products vertically, develop variant products horizontally, constantly adjust product structure, meet customers' Multi-dimensional needs, and expand market share. It is preliminarily estimated that our sales target of medium and large ton forklifts in 2012 is 5000, with an increase rate of about 20%. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the demand for forklifts continues to expand, and we will continue to go to this direction To explore and strive. "

it is this forward-looking thinking and broad vision that enables Dalian forklift truck to continuously strive for innovation in the development process of more than 60 years, and always walk in the forefront of the market. The Dalian forklift truck, which is ready to go, will continue to be brilliant in the booming forklift industry in China with a new posture and appearance

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