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2012 Asia Pacific aromatic products market analysis

benzene the price of benzene in Asia fell this period. Traders and manufacturers believe that the supply and demand fundamentals of benzene in Asia are weak. In the Northeast Asian market, most of the transactions are shipments loaded from May to June. The initial transaction price of the shipment in June was $1200 ~ 1205 (ton price, the same below, FOB, South Korea), and then fell to $1190 ~ 1196 (FOB, South Korea). During the period, the transaction prices of two may shipments were between 1187 and 1192 US dollars (FOB, South Korea). There was no negotiation on FOB Southeast Asia basis

the high price of toluene in Asia fell in this period. The inventory levels in East China and South China are 70000 tons and 19000 ~ 20000 tons respectively. Southeast Asian and Indian buyers delisted in anticipation of a price decline. In the Northeast Asian market, FOB Korean based extruders accounted for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery. On the basis of sluggish trading, there was no public transaction. At the beginning of March, there was limited cargo negotiation, and a few bids were $1230 (FOB, South Korea). Subsequently, due to the lack of quotation from maixing, it fell to US $1220 ~ 1230 (FOB, South Korea). During the period, the quotation was reduced to 1240 ~ 1250 US dollars (FOB, South Korea), and the corresponding bid price was 1210 US dollars (FOB, South Korea). At the close of the day, the market firmed, and the quotation in April rose to $1241 ~ 1245 (FOB, South Korea), with the corresponding bid of $1230 (FOB, South Korea). On the basis of CFR China, the transaction price of cargo in April is 1250 US dollars, and the quotation is 1260 ~ 1270 US dollars (CFR, China), and the purchase intention price of cargo in March is 1245 ~ 1250 US dollars (CFR, China). The intended selling price in Southeast Asia is about US $1280 (CFR, Southeast Asia), and the intended purchase price is US $1260 (CFR, Southeast Asia). The ex warehouse prices in Malaysia and Singapore are US $1320 and US $1340 respectively. No deal was reached on the basis of CFR India, with the intended price of 1280 ~ 1290 US dollars (CFR, India), and the shipping price of some sellers from March to April is more than 1300 US dollars (CFR, India)

supported by strong demand for isoxylene, the price of isoxylene in Asia rose another $5 to $10 in this period. Most of the time in this period, the transaction was active, and the end users were looking for ships at the price of US $1410 ~ 1420 (CFR, Northeast Asia). At the beginning of April, the delivery price of the shipment was US $1415, and the sales intention price was US $1420 ~ 1425 (FOB, South Korea). The transaction price of a 3000 ton ship is US $1415 (FOB, South Korea). The transaction price of another 3000 ton ship loaded at the end of March/early April was US $1395 (FOB, China)

solvent xylene is supported by the rise in energy futures prices, and the market price of solvent xylene in Asia rose by another $5-15 in this period. In the middle of the period, the transaction price of China's bonded cargo was about 1250 US dollars. With the manual level adjustment of the experimental space, the negotiation price of the cargo in March was mostly 1245 ~ 1255 US dollars (CFR, China). The negotiation price of shipment in the second half of March/April is $1220 ~ 1235 (FOB, South Korea), but there is no transaction settlement heard. Due to tight supply, the intended price of cargo sales rose to $1280 ~ 1290 in March (CFR, Southeast Asia). Buyers are mostly delisted, and the purchase intention price is $1260 ~ 1265 (CFR, Southeast Asia)

the price of styrene in Asia rose at the beginning of the period and fell in the middle of the period. These temperature ranges at the end of the period can usually meet the needs of temperature experiments of most domestic military and civilian products. The downstream styrene resin market is expected to improve gradually, because Chinese manufacturers usually gradually increase the operating rate in April. The styrene inventory along the coast of East China was about 128000 tons, lower than 135000 tons in the previous period. In the spot market, the first half of the period was actively traded, and the settlement price of cargo transactions in April was $1520 ~ 1525 (CFR, China, 90 day letter of credit). In the FOB Korean market, two transactions were concluded. The shipping price in April was $1509, the shipping price in March was $1475, the shipping settlement price in May was $1500 (FOB, Korea) and $1505 (CFR, China), and the other two transactions in April were $1490 (FOB, Korea). In the second half of the period, the transaction price of two shipments in May was $1510 ~ 1517 (there are two control modes: 1. PID control conditioning mode 2. Mohu control conditioning mode (the first in the industry) CFR, China), and the transaction price of shipments in April was $1510 (CFR, China). At the close of trading, there was a cargo transaction in April with a settlement price of $1515 (CFR, China), and the cargo transaction price in March was $1488 (CFR, China)

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