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Forklift accessories make forklifts more efficient

ground transportation vehicles have many advantages: for example, in all operating ranges, there have been a number of positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry, which have good movement performance and turning performance, and can realize flexible and multifaceted applications while realizing good economy. These advantages can be further strengthened by adding suitable accessory equipment, Because users can use these attached equipment to get a working machine that can run

if the transfer of goods is not limited to the simple transportation and storage of goods and materials, some attached equipment should be used. Because the use of efficient cargo transfer system can greatly shorten the manufacturing cycle, reduce production costs, reduce storage requirements, reduce product damage and improve space utilization. There are various types of attached equipment, and its application range is also very wide. Commonly used accessories and equipment include: multi pallet fork, side shifter, fork adjuster, paper roll clamp and barrel clamp, etc. There are also some special equipment, such as potato shovel, dumping equipment, loader broom, stone clamp and silo leakage container. Working platform, liquid barrel/wine barrel loading and unloading equipment, chip rotating container, removal equipment, carpet mandrel have almost become the standard products of many accessory equipment suppliers. Fork adjuster is the most commonly used accessory equipment with a proportion of about 25%. Using the fork adjuster can quickly adjust the fork of the forklift, so that its fork can adapt to different goods without the driver getting off the forklift. This can greatly save time and reduce damage to products and pallets. The fork adjuster with fixed frame can move the supporting fork within the width of the frame, and the fork adjuster with side shifter can be used to transport some items that protrude beyond the width of the forklift

cascade Co., Ltd., a German subsidiary of American cascade company, located in schalksmuehle, as a world leading manufacturer providing forklift accessories, forks and accessories to improve the technical level and utilization capacity of existing products, can provide various types of fork adjustment equipment. For example, G series fork adjustment equipment (55g/100g) can enable forklift drivers to accurately and safely position forks and side shifters. Therefore, it can minimize the injury to personnel and the damage to products and pallets. The design of the equipment is compact, with the best intervisibility (not blocking the line of sight) and excellent technical performance, which can help to improve production efficiency. The bearing capacity is 5t/500mm

Stora Enso, a world-famous paper manufacturer, uses cascade's double tower clamp device

and automatic clamping force adjustment (AFC) system to avoid damage to the paper roll

wireless adjustment fork

fork fastening device is suitable for forks with a width of 30 ~ 80mm, using standard ISO loader forks. The separated Sideshifter with a stroke of ± 100mm can be operated independently without being affected by the fork position. The compact cylinder is protected from damage by a special protective device. Forklift accessory manufacturers can also provide goods protection grids with screw connections of 1200 and 1500mm in height, as well as special frame widths and different opening ranges. They can also provide quick replacement hook components. There are also 55g/100g fork adjustment equipment without Sideshifter to choose from

the hydraulic hoses and cable feeders of the control system of fork adjustment equipment often interfere with the operation. For this reason, cascade developed several reasonable remote control systems for its 55k equipment. This system is fast and easy to install, and can be adjusted wirelessly. The advantage of this remote control system is that its battery life is very long, it can be used for multi shift operation, and it can be quickly charged with the charger delivered with it. Of course, it can meet the requirements of the International Electrotechnical code (CE)

38f series of new paper roll holders are mainly used for newspapers, printing plants and warehouses that need to move smaller paper rolls. The diameter of the paper roll that can be clamped is 650~300mm, and the maximum weight of the paper roll can reach 1800kg. 38F series paper roll holder can also hold two paper rolls. 38F series has all the technical features of larger series of equipment: such as automatic clamping force adjustment (AFC), load damping system (load cushion) or clamp open protective device (what preparations need to be done before the installation of clamp ope adhesive stripping force testing machine? Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. today provides you with the correct method: n guard). Of course, manufacturers also provide paper roll holders of various specifications and models

Hans yer Co., Ltd., located in Salzgitter, has provided forklift accessories and equipment since 1953. Since then, the company has introduced many newly developed equipment to the market, such as double tray clamps, 6/4 large tray forks, and three-dimensional position sensors that can be used to gently and vertically place paper rolls

pallet forks are used in the beverage industry

mainly because the beverage industry often uses pallet forks to transport two or four pallets in high-efficiency applications. For example, only in the brewery of Bitburg, 4/2 pallet forks are used on 28 forklifts with a bearing capacity of 8t. In addition to loading up to 250 towing trucks every day, beer boxes and barrels should be transported from the filling equipment to the warehouse

accessory equipment for the rotation and positioning of large tipper tires

juergen Kalle of Bitburg brewery Logistics Department described the requirements as follows: "We put five layers of beer boxes on the pallet, so the weight of a pallet filled with 0.33l beer bottles is about 740kg. When loading beer barrels, the loaded pallet can weigh up to 800kg. We use the 4/2 pallet fork of Meyer company, and the work efficiency is very high, because we only need to load the tractor truck from one side. Because the equipment of the truck is different, we have negotiated with the forklift manufacturer to equip a particularly large one on the accessory equipment Sideshifter for. Up to 4 pallets can be stacked up and down into stacks, which means that 4.8m high pallets need to be loaded and unloaded. Even in such an operating environment, the intervisibility of the accessory equipment is still very good (not blocking the line of sight)

logistics staff are particularly happy with the advantages of long maintenance cycles. "Because the accessory equipment is particularly strong and durable, their service life can mostly cover the whole service life of forklifts, and forklifts usually need to be replaced with new vehicles after 18000h of operation."

the use of intelligent etx-g3s cardboard box clamps can safely and undamaged handling of cardboard boxes

there will be no belt sticking in KO. BOLZONI auramo company of rschenbroich reduces the damage of goods and packaging by using the so-called intelligent etx-g3s cardboard box clamps in the transportation of white goods. Like all models in this series, this type of fixture also has a solid double-T-shaped outline, aluminum contact plates with tight rubber lining and two swinging contact plates. This kind of fixture is equipped with sensors, which, combined with the latest microprocessor technology, can monitor the function of the fixture. In this way, the carton packaging can be loaded, unloaded and transported safely and undamaged, and high work efficiency can be achieved at the same time

the light structure mechanical bucket tipper provided by honisch company of Dusseldorf is suitable for installation on the fork seat and can rotate forward/backward. Hold the upright 200L barrel from above, fix it safely and rotate it to the horizontal position, so that it can be placed on the shelf in the required state or height. It is also applicable to the operation of placing barrels with spiral connected drain taps on shelves, and it can also supply explosion-proof products

Kaup company, located in Aschaffenburg, provided a real large-scale accessory equipment to the Silk Road of Uzbekistan. A mine there uses some huge tippers, whose tires are seriously worn, so the eight tire sets of each car should be replaced regularly. In order to smoothly carry out the replacement work, Volvo, the manufacturer of the tipper, ordered a huge "accessory equipment" from Kaup. Its net weight, that is, the weight without loading, is 8.4t. Two 2.4m long transport forks alone weigh 1.7t. The special equipment took only 12 weeks from the initial design to the completion of manufacture. (end)

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