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B2C mode analysis in the field of automation

can industrial products also be sold directly in the BtoC way like consumer goods? I believe many people will question this proposition for one reason or another. It is unimaginable for many people in the industry to sell industrial products like clothing and food. In fact, China automation has begun to make attempts in this regard, adopting an innovative business model and taking a unique way of operation

I. current situation of end-user procurement and risk analysis

at present, the e-commerce market is mainly concentrated in BtoB, including e-procurement, e-transaction and other modes. Consumer goods directly targeted at end-users are mainly consumer goods. For example, Taobao and Alibaba operate in the BtoB mode. The sales of industrial products in the automation field are mainly direct sales by manufacturers and agents, and direct sales are still in the bud, From the perspective of acceptance, it needs to be improved. At present, there are still many problems in the field of industrial products sales and procurement

at present, black box operations in the field of enterprise procurement should still account for a large proportion. Large amount procurement in any industry must be the result of high-level research. Although the procurement of industrial products is basically carried out through bidding, the frequency of visits and cordial talks between the enterprise leaders behind it determines whether the enterprise wins the bid or not. Even the strength of beneficial transmission also affects the procurement results. Even through the relationship, we can understand the base bid price and the quotation of competitors, and then decide our own price guarantee to ensure the bid winning. Therefore, this form of bidding is not fundamentally different from the previous direct procurement, but depends on the relationship and public relations ability. In fact, it increases the sales cost and has no positive effect on the cultivation of a good, fair and orderly business environment. The implementation of sunshine procurement, which has been advocated by the state, is still difficult, resulting in higher procurement costs and lower efficiency

II. Opportunity analysis of China automation sales model

1. End user demand analysis

China automation challenges this tradition, hoping that with the changing trend of market development, more and more people will accept the concept of direct selling, which is a brave and promising Road, because with the evolution of economic crisis and the intensification of market competition, More and more people of insight realize that the innovation of procurement mode is directly related to and plays a positive role in the cost efficiency of enterprises. Online direct sales for end users will occupy a place and the proportion will gradually expand. With the help of the service conditions that keep customers indoors, we can meet the increasingly demanding needs of users

2. Demand analysis of sellers

many enterprises have also made attempts in the field of direct sales of industrial products, but they are not very successful, because they do not really think of customers, but only put some product pictures for sale or do a network publicity. The equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators encounter huge business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high, but China Automation adopts innovative ways to use solutions to drive product sales, In the future, sales will move towards providing customers with efficient integrated services to attract customers

after many years of scouring the sand, the sellers in the automation field also very much hope to have a platform to reduce the sales and operation costs. The cost of enterprise operators is now increasing year by year. The involvement of the third-party sales platform can reduce the staffing of the sellers, vigorously cultivate new economic growth points and cultivate new competitive advantages. It is an important task for the plastic processing industry to enter a new stage of development. Office space rent and improve enterprise profits; Reduce credit risk, and carry out market development test by China automation, so the enterprise risk is small; With Zhonghua automation as the platform, facing the whole country, the national office is convenient to solve customer problems. Geographical differences and geographical conditions can be ignored, extending the market reach of the seller to the whole country and expanding to all places that can significantly improve control performance; The saved human and material resources will be concentrated to the technical Q & A, which provides an optimized solution for the seller to do a good job in the main business concentration advantage and improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise

III. prospect of direct sales of Zhonghua automation industrial products

as long as Zhonghua automation and the seller do their part, the division of labor is clear. To provide good experience and services for end users, it is believed that more and more users will recognize this third-party platform under word-of-mouth marketing. However, it is difficult to occupy the mainstream in the short term, and the only way is to significantly increase the market share. Therefore, the market development work of the station is to hold more explanation meetings to end users to improve the popularity and reputation, so that end users can taste the effect, and use it more confidently after the first use. The price of this product must meet the service level provided, otherwise no amount of price reduction will be recognized. To borrow an old saying, the future is bright and the road is tortuous. The concept of IOT is in the ascendant, and there is a huge market demand foundation. As long as we serve from the perspective of customers and do a good job in all kinds of work, industrial product network direct sales in the field of automation are promising

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