The hottest formaldehyde leakage accident occurred

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A formaldehyde leakage accident occurred in Zhengzhou

a formaldehyde leakage accident occurred in Zhengzhou

May 16, 2005

in the afternoon of May 12, a chemical leakage accident occurred in the section of zhongguotong Zhengzhou branch on Zhongyuan Road in Zhengzhou City. A van loaded with 6 barrels of highly toxic formaldehyde caused a large amount of formaldehyde leakage due to illegal transportation. Subsequently, it was handed over to Jinan assaying, which specializes in the production of Vickers hardness meters. The patrol police put the road under emergency martial law, and the fire secret service personnel rushed to deal with it quickly. By 6 p.m. that day, 6 barrels of formaldehyde were safely transferred. No casualties were caused in the leakage treatment

at 4:30 p.m. on the same day, four fire engines were seen at the leakage site, and the site had been put under martial law by the traffic patrol police. 50 meters away from the scene, I smelled a pungent odor, tears in my eyes, poor breathing, and even suffocation. At the scene of the leak, a van with the brand name of Yu k68610 was parked, and more than 10 fire special service officers and soldiers wearing gas jackets and masks were diluting the toxin with water spray guns. About 20 minutes later, the fire special service officers and soldiers washed the contaminated road surface with washing powder. After non-toxic treatment, the traffic under martial law nearby returned to normal

reason: the van was illegally transported

according to a nearby crowd, the incident occurred at 4:20 p.m. when he passed this section of the road, an unpleasant pungent smell came to his face, and his eyes immediately burst into tears. He looked for the source of gas around him. In front of the company, he saw a van parked on the roadside, with unknown liquid flowing on the ground. The closer he got, the stronger the smell was. He began to have nausea, chest tightness and other symptoms. Soon someone called 110 to call the police. About 3 minutes later, a large number of traffic policemen and firefighters rushed to the site of urea modified phenolic foam. According to Cui Dong, a policeman from the third brigade of the traffic and patrol police, the police and firefighters immediately organized the evacuation of the affected citizens and imposed a traffic ban because they did not know the formaldehyde leakage in the van at that time. According to Liang Zhengwei, the driver of the van, he contained six barrels of highly toxic formaldehyde, 50 kilograms per barrel. This batch of dangerous chemicals was purchased from a solvent store near Erligang and was ready to be transported to a wood products factory on Nanyang Road. When the vehicle came here, due to the situation in front of him, he made an emergency brake, causing the plastic bucket containing formaldehyde in the car to dump, and the formaldehyde leaked out through the Pu plastic cloth covered on the plastic bucket. At that time, he jumped out of the car in a hurry to avoid injury

recently visited the "Mother River" in Dunhuang - the upper reaches of the Dang River, and saw that many departments dealt with the matter.

according to a soldier of the sixth squadron of Zhengzhou Fire detachment who participated in the rescue, they soon controlled the spread of the leak. Because the impact of the leak was not too large, firefighters immediately diluted the formaldehyde in the leaking car and road with a large amount of fog water to disperse the concentration of toxic gas volatilized in the air. At the same time, firefighters conducted leakage repair treatment for the leaking can body on the chartered car. Subsequently, the owner found a container truck to transfer the six leaking can bodies for treatment. As the leakage accident was handled in time, no casualties were caused. After investigation, the traffic police department believed that formaldehyde was a flammable and explosive liquid, and its transportation had special requirements. However, the vehicle transporting formaldehyde on site, including reducing the package size, was suspected of illegal transportation, so the driver of the vehicle was punished in accordance with the provisions of the traffic law. At present, the University Road police station of Erqi District Public Security Branch has been involved in the investigation of the accident

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