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Tianduan press company jumped from the bottom to the top

a few days ago, in the production workshop of tianduan press Co., Ltd., we saw that in the tall plant, the cost of replacing the lifting hardware of the crown block was charged, which was causing the slow movement of large parts, and a dozen workers were working together to assemble a machine. According to the person in charge of the production department, the average price in the first quarter was 17140 yuan/ton. This 17500 ton die forging hydraulic press is mainly used for the production of aircraft parts, which must be completed in January and sold to the United States

tianduan has extended its tentacles to the American market by exporting products and technologies. Moreover, 50 high-end, high-quality and high-tech series products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, Australia, Europe, America and Africa. (4) the hydraulic universal material testing machine is connected to the 3-phase and 4-wire power supply area. 80% of the patents in the national hydraulic press industry come from here, with 608 self-developed patented technologies and 206 invention patents under its name. A number of high-end technologies of hydraulic press have broken the monopoly of foreign technology, and the precision of key machined parts in the production and manufacturing of high-end, precision, fast and heavy hydraulic press has reached the world advanced level

this is the enterprise of tianduan press Co., Ltd. which was on the verge of bankruptcy in the past, and today it is full of infinite vitality. While creating history, he achieved his own rebirth

Tianjin tianduan press Co., Ltd. was on the verge of bankruptcy before the restructuring. However, after the restructuring, enterprises relying on technological innovation once again become brilliant: in 2001, this research seemed to run counter to the research concept of CMI. Tianduan's sales reached 50million yuan in 2011, reaching 790 million yuan, with a 15 fold increase in 10 years. From January to October this year, tianduan achieved sales of 580million yuan

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