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Formaldehyde detection, long-term rental apartments are a little difficult to do

formaldehyde detection, long-term rental apartments are a little difficult to do

July 1, 2019

tenants' detection conclusions the platform does not recognize, the platform's detection conditions are difficult for tenants to accept, and the authoritative testing institutions are always "unable to make an appointment"

formaldehyde detection, It's a little difficult to rent an apartment for a long time.

"nearly a month has passed, and the formaldehyde test has not been carried out yet. The effectiveness of free work has put forward various test conditions to delay time." On June 26, Ms. Xu, a Shenzhen citizen, reluctantly told workers that she rented a house freely through the long-term apartment platform. After living for two years, she found that the formaldehyde content in the room exceeded the standard

in recent years, long-term rental apartments have frequently exposed "formaldehyde doors", and many "formaldehyde rights protection" incidents have occurred in many places across the country. However, some tenants said it was not easy to identify the room as a "formaldehyde room". The intermediary platform has set various requirements for formaldehyde detection, and heavy "glass doors" have led to difficulties in safeguarding rights

in May 2017, Miss Xu signed a contract to rent a room through the free app. The house is located in haojinghaoyuan community, Futian District, Shenzhen. She has lived for two years now. Recently, new tenants in the next room often felt unwell after moving in, which made Miss Xu have the idea of finding an organization to detect the indoor air

then, Miss Xu went to the "Shanghai Fanji environmental testing technology center" to test the air quality of the room. On June 1, she received the test report with CMA national metrology certification mark issued by the center, and the results showed that indoor formaldehyde exceeded the standard

"we didn't see the tenant's test report, and the company didn't participate in the whole test process, but we heard the tenant's dictation that the test was unqualified during the negotiation." A staff member at liberty told them that they could not recognize such test results

on June 3, I freely contacted Miss Xu and proposed that both parties jointly invite Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and quality testing (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Metrology) for testing. However, according to Miss Xu, the formaldehyde test has not yet been implemented. Freedom said, "freedom has been actively communicating with Ms. Xu, but unfortunately, the two sides have not reached an agreement on the testing standard."

in Miss Xu's view, the so-called testing standard of freedom is no different from artificially setting up the "glass door" for exchanging industry information: all personal belongings must be emptied before testing, the air conditioning must be turned on before testing, and ventilation must be guaranteed for 24 hours before sealing... Miss Xu believes that these requirements not only increase the burden of tenants, but also are seriously inconsistent with the actual living environment

in this regard, the free side explained that personal items, especially perfume, clothing and rubber products, will have a great impact on the test results; Ventilation is to filter the indoor air once to ensure that it is not affected by previous factors. As for turning on the air conditioner to reduce the temperature during the 12 hour airtight period, it also meets the requirements of indoor air quality standards

"preconditions do have a great impact on formaldehyde test results. Different preconditions often lead to inconsistent test results." Zhuyichong, a lawyer at Yingke (Shenzhen) law firm in Beijing, said that it is often difficult for both parties to reach such a rapid progress in terms of testing institutions, testing methods and testing conclusions, which originated from "all over the country"; Blast furnace dismantling movement rdquo; As a result, safeguarding rights requires a lot of extra time and litigation costs

in order to complete the test recognized by both parties as soon as possible, Miss Xu accepted the relevant test requirements, but since then, she has been unable to be appointed to the Metrology Institute. Recently, I dialed the Metrology Institute twice and found that it was very convenient to make an appointment. The scheduling period did not exceed 1 month, and it only took two weeks as soon as possible

according to the "2018 consumption complaint analysis report" released by the Shenzhen Municipal Council, the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard in long-term rental apartments has become one of the new hot spots of consumer complaints, with nearly 500 complaints in the whole year

it is learned that at present, the universal tensile testing machine usually tests the mechanical properties of materials on specimens with different stiffness. Shenzhen is working on the formulation of the country's first group standard to solve the problem of indoor air pollution in long-term rental apartments. The Shenzhen Municipal Council said that next, the standards will be improved and verified as soon as possible, and strive to be introduced as soon as possible. (liuyouting)

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