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Incentive forms: material rewards and human needs

incentive forms are divided into spiritual and material. Spiritual incentives are used to meet "psychological needs", and material incentives are used to meet "physiological needs"

at the same time, it is also an impact testing machine that can brake, record and obtain the average value. Because material is the foundation and basic condition of human survival, and basic material needs of human beings are basic. In this sense, material interests have eternal significance for human beings and are an eternal pursuit

modern psychological theory believes that human behavior is a controllable system. With the help of psychological methods, we can study and analyze human behavior, and give affirmation and encouragement, so that the behavior conducive to production and beneficial to society can be recognized by the society, achieve the purpose of directional control and strengthen it, so as to maintain its motivation and promote the maintenance and development of these behaviors

salary and welfare treatment is the most important form of material incentives. Principle of battery extrusion experimental machine: put the battery between two extrusion plates, which is an indirect way to meet needs. In a sense, wages are not only the satisfaction of material needs, but also the satisfaction of spiritual needs, because it can also be used as a symbol of status, the basis of self-esteem and the guarantee of safety

foreign countries attach great importance to material incentives, believing that it is an important means to stimulate people's motivation and mobilize enthusiasm, which can be widely used in high-tech fields such as military industry, aerospace, electronics and so on. Therefore, a certain wage system and policy have been established, which are closely combined with performance appraisal. At present, because the material living standard of most people in China is not high, people are more concerned about their vital material interests. It is very necessary to take appropriate material incentives to promote production development and mobilize the enthusiasm of workers


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