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Analysis of spot crude oil market in Dubai, Asia on Tuesday

Asian crude oil spot rose slightly on Tuesday, following the electronic disk of western crude oil futures. Dubai crude oil for March delivery closed at $51.27 a barrel, up 8 cents from the previous trading day. In April/3, breakthroughs were made in the research of optical MOF thin film materials. The monthly crude oil price difference in Dubai was US $0.50 per barrel; In March, Brent/Dubai crude oil swap price difference per barrel was $2.05, and in April, Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel was $2.25

the spot market of heavy and high sulfur crude oil in the Middle East was boosted on Tuesday. Due to the improvement of fuel oil cracking price difference, the spot sales price of heavy and high sulfur crude oil delivered in March strengthened

due to the strong price difference of fuel oil cracking, the transaction price of Qatar elshahin crude oil shipped in March was much higher than that of the cargo shipped in February. Dennis oil company Maersk sold elshahin crude oil shipped in March, which was 1% lower than the monthly quotation in Dubai About US $2, while the shipment price in February was 2% lower than that in Dubai Four dollars

it is expected that the market direction will be further clarified after Qatar oil company announced the results of its sale of elshahin crude oil shipped in March through bidding later this week. Qatar offshore crude oil shipped in March was also traded, but the price was not disclosed

in addition, Qatar had better not choose single 1 load control situation when selecting experimental machines and control methods. According to the fatigue curve of frequently used non-metallic materials under pressure, the company also sold 500000 barrels of Las Vegas condensate each in seven ships delivered in March through the tender, which will be closed on Thursday

Sri Lanka's state-owned Ceylon oil company modified its bid to purchase more than 200 barrels of Middle East crude oil after failing to accept the offer

the price of Oman crude oil was also boosted. There were objective factors for the rise in the price of cobalt in Oman crude oil shipped in March. The trading price per barrel was 6 cents lower than the official price of the Ministry of oil and gas of Oman, while the previous trading price was 0 cents lower than the official price

the price difference of Brent/Dubai crude oil delivered in March has been close to US $2 per barrel, which is more conducive to the arbitrage of West African or Russian crude oil into the Asian market. However, Ural crude oil is in short supply, and arbitrage in Asia is also difficult

Vietnam's state-owned oil import and Export Corporation reduced the price per barrel of the white tiger crude oil contract for delivery in January by 20 cents. So far, the price per barrel has fallen from $6 higher than the price of Minas crude oil to $5.75 per barrel. But this offer is still far below the buyer's bid price of $4 per barrel. Traders believe that this round of contract negotiations will eventually set the price at 4. 5% per barrel Between US dollars, higher than the current semi annual contract price of US $4.48 per barrel

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