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"Forklift grandmother" successfully challenged the car on the beer bottle

"forklift grandmother" successfully challenged the car on the beer bottle

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in the first season of CCTV's large-scale variety show "challenge impossible" last year, Niu Ren an Liqiang drove Liugong clg2015a electric forklift. With superb driving skills and the excellent performance of Liugong forklift, he completed the challenge of stacking red wine glasses at one go, Stacking 16 red wine glasses created a new Guinness world record, which let the audience enjoy it directly. However, some people's place is the Jianghu. The big men in the Jianghu are hidden in the city. In the second season of "challenge impossible" on the evening of November 27, Liu Caimei, the "ancestor of forklift" from Dongying, Shandong Province, was finally "born" due to the turmoil in the Jianghu. She told the world that folding 16 red wine glasses is not a thing, Putting a car on a beer bottle is really unique

challenge scene

challenge to put the car on the beer bottle

Liu Caimei is the female driver who has been driving a forklift for the longest time in the factory. With 20 years of forklift operation experience, she was jokingly called "forklift grandmother" by her colleagues. In the second season of challenge impossible, Liu Caimei and her partner "Liugong new generation c series internal combustion forklift clg230h" challenge is to place a 2.1-ton car on four groups of pre adjusted glass towers for 10 seconds through the operation of the forklift. The glass tower is composed of beer bottles and glasses. Whether the small glass tower can support the 2.1-ton car standing above is really a challenge. First, the Challenger should have clear vision and skilled operation skills. Second, the Challenger should have strong psychological quality when the result is unsatisfactory. Third, the forklift should have excellent handling and broad vision, which makes people scared! A balanced car is equivalent to each glass bearing the weight of 8 adults. How is this possible? Several guests all "couldn't bear to look directly", and the challenge was more difficult than expected

"forklift grandmother" successfully challenged to put the car on the beer bottle

with Xiao Sa's roar, Liu Caimei finally succeeded in the challenge! Liu Caimei once again showed us the spirit of great country craftsman through precise operation! At the same time, the excellent handling performance of her partner "Liugong new generation c series internal combustion forklift clg230h" also reflects the pride of the national brand

the new generation c series internal combustion forklift of Liugong

the excellence of the new generation c series internal combustion forklift of Liugong

strong power

the new C series internal combustion forklift of Liugong is equipped with Cummins three-stage engine, which is powerful, efficient and energy-saving. The EFI engine effectively reduces the emission of black smoke and meets the strict Euro 3 exhaust emission standard. Equipped with electronic engine protection device and a variety of power mode selection, the engine shutdown time should be paid attention to, and the response time of the machine is accelerated to achieve a stable power output. Compared with the previous generation of products, C series products have higher idle torque, effectively reduce the vibration of machine operation, and the operation is more stable and comfortable

stable power transmission

such as PVC and more special plastics

c series forklift adopts full suspension gearbox, which effectively reduces the vibration of the whole vehicle. The three-point support gearbox is more stable, greatly reducing the internal stress of assembly. The transmission of this model is made of all aluminum alloy, with better heat dissipation performance. The wet clutch structure is optimized to reduce the internal oil pressure and effectively prolong the service life of the gearbox

sensitive and efficient operation

Liugong C series forklift adopts load sensitive steering hydraulic system to effectively reduce energy consumption. At the same time, this hydraulic system can actively dissipate heat, reduce the working temperature of oil, and improve the reliability of hydraulic components. Under the efficient operation of the hydraulic system, the lifting speed of Liugong C series forklift truck has been greatly improved. Ipul has set a new standard for pultrusion molding, in which the low-speed lifting speed is more than 40% higher than that of the previous generation, and the maximum lifting speed is more than 25%

safe and reliable braking

Liugong C series forklift adopts a new foot brake mechanism, and the foot brake force is reduced by 15%. Its friction kicker has better braking performance, wear resistance and heat decay performance. The brake master cylinder is made of all aluminum alloy, and the brake pump adopts a horizontal layout, completely eliminating the possibility of corrosion

comfortable cockpit design

the cockpit layout of Liugong C series forklift is more reasonable. Compared with the previous generation of CLG products, the operating space of the C series is greatly improved, including 35% increase in leg space and more comfortable driving. The lower boarding and alighting pedal and the integrated hood make boarding and alighting more convenient. Front multi-channel valve handle, you can get on and off from the right side

this model is equipped with a 300mm small diameter steering wheel with a spherical handle on it, which makes the operation easier and smoother. Optimized locking mechanism, small operating force. The adjustable steering column with large angle range can adapt to customers of different shapes. Equipped with reversing armrest with horn, it is convenient for one hand reverse driving. At the same time, customers can choose fully suspended seats to bring comfortable driving experience to the operator

intelligent control

the working mode of the whole machine is optional, and the user can choose three gear working modes: economic, standard and power to meet the needs of different working conditions. At the same time, this model can also adjust the engine idle speed and maximum speed according to customer needs

when starting up, the idle speed of the engine can be increased appropriately, so that the engine can warm up faster and enter the best working state faster. At the same time, before the engine has not established sufficient oil pressure, the engine speed and torque will be automatically limited to protect key engine parts

Liugong style, stable performance

Liugong C series forklift products inherit the consistent style of Liugong design, with a wide range of vision and stable performance. Through CAE software analysis and optimization, the rigidity of the complete gantry is increased by 10% compared with the previous generation. The top is designed with large span, and the stability is increased by 15%. The new frame, roof protection frame and counterweight are designed in one structure, and the firmness of the gantry is increased by 35%. The vibration damping rubber between the mounting frame and the Bogie Axle reduces the vibration. With tapered roller bearings, the bearing capacity of the steering axle is greater

convenient maintenance

the hydraulic oil pump driven by the transmission is externally installed, and it can be repaired without disassembling the engine. The external filter and the dismountable pedal without tools are convenient for the driver to check and maintain at any time. The opening angle of the engine hood is greater than 85 °, and the space is wide and convenient for maintenance. (this article is from Liu Gong)

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