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Continue to upgrade the Hester forklift truck to ensure safe operation

continue to upgrade the Hester forklift truck to ensure safe operation

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safety production has increasingly become the focus of Chinese forklift users. In order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of customers for safety, at this time, the spring spring testing machine must play its important role to ensure driving safety and traffic safety. Through unremitting efforts, We have successfully developed two sets of safety systems

on November 14th, 2014, with correct wiring, Hester released a set of safety operation warning system, which is specially applied to J1 50ex series forklift is available as an optional configuration. The system can help customers effectively standardize the operation mode and habits of forklift drivers, and reduce safety accidents that do not need the @a panel display function. On the 17th, the Hester blue light warning system was immediately released, which solved the problem of forklift drivers and pedestrians accurately judging the distance. Equipped with this system, the safety of forklift operations at traffic intersections can be enhanced. I believe that these two security systems will be favored by customers after their launch

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