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Zhuoyi forklift: in the rainy season, Kunshan meets with quality and refinement and development

Zhuoyi forklift: in the rainy season, Kunshan meets with quality and refinement and development

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on June 16, 2015, in Kunshan, Zhuoyi electric forklift participated in China International Logistics Technology Expo. During the meeting, Zhuoyi exhibited the company's mainstream products such as electric stacker, electric forward forklift, electric carrier and electric tractor. Like other exhibitions in the first half of this year, Zhuoyi small steel cannon attracted the attention of many Chinese and foreign guests at this exhibition. The world's first narrow channel forward moving forklift has conquered every test drive customer with its operation mode of combining station driving and the design details of man-machine combination of the whole vehicle

it coincides with the rainy season, but people's enthusiasm has not been affected by the heavy rain. In this exhibition, many customers expressed their admiration for the quality and design of Zhuoyi forklift. Mr. Fan, the boss of a factory in Suzhou, said with emotion: "I never knew that there was such a good company in Suzhou that made forklifts." On the morning of the first day of the exhibition, Mr. Fan came to the booth to consult our staff. After a detailed understanding of the product configuration, parameters and applicable working conditions, under the guidance of the staff, he tested the xt50 with the following special properties. After the test drive, Mr. Fan just left his business card and said he would contact us. Unexpectedly, at more than 3 p.m., Mr. Fan, together with several subordinates, came to the solution: review whether there is a booth with curvilinear coordinate Zhuoyi, express that he wants to know our products in more detail, and let the user department communicate with us in detail the operation process of their factory. After communicating with the staff who are the conditions for ensuring the high efficiency and normal operation of the hydraulic system of the material testing machine, Mr. Fan finally fell in love with the model of Zhuoyi small steel gun. During the communication, he has been carefully studying the structure and design details of the car, and combined with the staff's answers to each design basis, he expressed his high praise for Zhuoyi forklift

this exhibition once again witnessed the mission of Zhuoyi since its establishment - to work hard and serve Chinese brands to change their international reputation! Zhuoyi is committed to building China's high-end electric industrial vehicles. In the production, Zhuoyi has high requirements for quality and keeps improving the design, ranging from the screws and nuts of each car to the core components such as electric control gearbox. Zhuoyi wholeheartedly builds the most perfect car for customers. Customers' high requirements for product quality make Zhuoyi more perfect and meet customers' needs. Every suggestion from customers is a good medicine for the growth of Zhuoyi, and every time is definitely the driving force for Zhuoyi to move forward. Zhuoyi will continue to maintain a modest attitude, change the reputation of Chinese brands with quality, and conquer the world with quality

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