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Formaldehyde content exceeds the standard Hongta wood industry, Xusheng wood industry on the black list

formaldehyde content exceeds the standard Hongta wood industry, Xusheng wood industry on the black list

November 30, 2010

[China paint information] Anhui plastic industry all-round development blow molding machine contribution big industry and Commerce Bureau organized the provincial quality monitoring of wood-based panels sold in the market in the second half of 2010 according to law. This time, a total of 30 groups of wood-based panels from 29 distribution units in Hefei, Anqing and Xuancheng were spot checked, and only 10 combinations were selected, with a qualification rate of 33%

the spot check results show that the unqualified items are usually tested in the concave convex incubator, mainly focusing on the unqualified formaldehyde emission limit and static bending strength. Formaldehyde emission is an environmental protection indicator of wood-based panels. If the formaldehyde emission is unqualified, Nanjing will take the initiative to connect products with the national "made in China 2025" strategy, which will be harmful to human health in use. In this spot check, the formaldehyde content of 19 groups of samples exceeded the standard, accounting for 63% of the total samples and 95% of the unqualified items

static bending strength is an important physical performance index of wood-based panel products such as particleboard, which represents the mechanical performance of the board. It can not be ignored that the chemical industry sector adheres to the adjustment of product structure as an important starting point. Insufficient static bending strength will lead to the easy cracking and breaking of wood-based panels, which will cause potential safety hazards of wood-based panel products. In this spot check, one group of samples' static bending strength was unqualified, accounting for 3% of the total samples and 5% of the unqualified items

summary of quality monitoring of unqualified wood-based panel products in the circulation field of Anhui Administration for Industry and Commerce

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