Restaurant owners take Balearic government to cour

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Restaurant owners take Balearic government to court over closure - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

“Irreparable financial damage” is being caused by the closure

03-02-2021Josep Bagur Gomila

A group of some thirty businesspeople from the bar/restaurant sector have filed a lawsuit with the Balearic High Court for losses caused by the closure of their establishmentspublished_time. They consider that the regional government’s measure has been unjustified and disproportionate.

They are backed by the recently formed Arema association of restaurant proprietors and the Pimem restaurants association, whose president, Eugenia Cusí, says that the measures have caused “irreparable financial damage”The line connectin. The aim of the lawsuit, she adds, is to submit administrative decisions taken by the government to “judicial control”Earlier this week. If they are proven to be unjustified, there will be grounds for demanding compensation.

Cusí adds that this compensation could then be claimed by other proprietors who have not put their names to the lawsuit as they lack the financial resources and also fear “reprisals“(including big box stores) can operate at 25 per cent capacity and can sell all their goods.. “We do not know the health criteria on which decisions are being made,” she stresses. Figures from the national ministry of health indicate that coronavirus infections linked to hospitality are 1.9% and under one per cent in the Balearics.

The Pimem restaurants president is also critical of the government’s lack of justification for measures decided by the so-called social dialogue table, of which Pimem is a partare permitted for up to 10 visitors plus household members.. “The current mechanisms of social dialogue are totally insufficientPrime Minister Narendra Modi.” Meetings are attended at which the government announces initiatives and “we are expected to blindly support measures that we do not fully understand.” “There would be no businesspeople taking legal action if our political class were up to the taskwith few exceptions. By late Monday.”

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