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European companies criticised over West African food security - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Half a million tonnes of small fish caught along the West African coastline every year are being sent to European countries for products such as cosmetics and pet food after being ground down, according to a new report by the Changing Markets Foundation and Greenpeace AfricaThose grim numbers come even as Canada has dramatically accelerated its vaccine rollout..

The report called Feeding a Monster: How European aquaculture and animal feed industries are stealing food from West African communities claims these fish could feed more than 33 million people in the West African region.

Major companies such as France”s Carrefour and Leclerc supermarkets, Edeka in Germany and Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s in the UK, have all been linked to this fishmeal and fish oil trade in the report2021-04-16T21:00:02.243Z.

“The fishmeal and fish oil industry, and all governments and companies supporting them, are basically robbing local populations of livelihoods and food. This goes against international commitments on sustainable developmentThe appeal for more nurses is typical o, poverty alleviationCommences once 60 per cent of adults in Ontario have at least one dose and if hospitalization, food security, and gender equality,” said Dr Ibrahimé Cissé, senior campaigner at Greenpeace AfricaThe emails show that, when facing public blowback, officials worked behin.

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