Metal waste treatment industry ushers in investmen

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Metal waste treatment industry ushers in investment opportunities

as one of the front-end equipment that is not available for waste treatment, this material will be listed in May. Benefiting from the continuous favorable policies, the market demand for metal waste crusher is rapidly releasing. The importance of metal waste crushing is becoming more and more prominent, and crushing disposal has become one of the important ways of waste harmless, resource and reduction

by the end of 2016, there were 404 waste treatment projects in the PPP warehousing projects of the Ministry of finance. The researchers of xinsijie industry predict that in the next five years, the industry will more comprehensively embrace the PPP model, and the PPP business will be fully launched from the current construction and operation of various waste treatment and disposal facilities to road cleaning and garbage collection and transportation

in order to promote the harmless and resource-based treatment of waste and improve the utilization efficiency of waste secondary resources, the core business scope of waste treatment covers three business segments: intelligent solid waste crushing equipment, intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust reduction system. Solid waste crushing equipment is mainly used in the fields of domestic waste classification and incineration, collaborative disposal of cement kilns, pretreatment of hazardous waste, crushing and resource regeneration of rubber, plastic, electronic waste, organic waste and other solid waste. For various high pollution occasions such as solid waste disposal plants, the waste treatment industry has independently developed and designed intelligent and convenient intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust reduction system to help build a high-quality and high-quality intelligent solid waste crushing and disposal system

from the industrial era to the intelligent era, from the era of high-speed development to the era of high-quality development, waste treatment equipment will be different: focusing on the improvement of customer value chain and product life chain, we will unswervingly follow the development path of specialization, digitization and globalization, and strive to be the leader of intelligent solid waste disposal industry. Jisa 4702 (1) 996, the hot advance door of the "13th five year plan" intelligent manufacturing development plan, the waste treatment industry plans according to the situation and moves according to the time, clearly demarcates the digital development strategy and clearly depicts the future development blueprint


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