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Sany strengthened its intensive management to reduce the management cost by 400million yuan

Sany strengthened its intensive management to reduce the management cost by 400million yuan

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Guide: reduce the management cost by about 400million yuan. This is the report card handed over by the management cost control team of Sany group since 2012. At the beginning of 2012, in order to further deepen the reform of cost management, Sany group set up a management cost control team headed by Duanda, the group's director and chief financial officer, and set up a bank

the management expense was reduced by about 400million yuan, which is the report card handed over by the management expense control team of Sany group since 2012

at the beginning of 2012, in order to further deepen the reform of expense management, Sany group established a management expense control team headed by Duanda, the group's director and chief financial officer, and set up four control teams, including administration, it, human resources and finance, to promote various expense control work respectively

2012, Sany group reduced its management expenses by 100million yuan. On the basis of hard exploration and experience in the past year, cost control has been integrated into every management work of the group, and cost awareness has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. According to preliminary statistics, the group's management expenses decreased by about 300million yuan in the first half of this year

"to reduce the management cost is not to save blindly, but an important opportunity for us to improve our management ability." Duandawei told, "the most important work of the cost control team is to urge all departments to improve their work processes, reduce unnecessary waste, and reduce costs by improving the management service level."

the management and control team mainly starts from three aspects to clean up the complicated management expenses one by one

the first is to integrate resources. For the consumption items shared by the whole group, the control group fully integrates them to form a bargaining advantage. For example, air ticket ordering, hotel check-in, vehicle purchase, wide area leasing, etc., the group has signed a series of preferential agreements with various businesses through negotiation, which has greatly reduced the fees that the company needs to pay

on the other hand, optimize the process. Eliminate unnecessary waste by establishing standards and increasing the optimization and control of the group's processes. As a result, office expenses such as paper pens and toner cartridges are reduced, the use of disposable flowers and banner balloons is reduced, and low-cost goods such as computers are fully utilized. Seemingly inadvertent bit by bit savings have become a considerable expense

in addition, make full use of informatization. The Internet technology has fully penetrated into the operation and management of Sany. The application of video conference, remote training, recruitment and other systems is mature, and has become the basic equipment for Sany's modern office. This has not only improved office efficiency, but also saved a lot of human and material costs

however, this is only the first step for Sany to go out. Compared with the international benchmark, the gap still exists, and sany's cost control still needs to be constantly grasped

move 1: paperless office reduces the cost of document printing by about 5million yuan

a monthly report is about to be made. Hutiejun, Vice Minister of Lean quality department, is no longer in a hurry to print materials as before. He prepares a special iPad for the conference according to the number of attendees, imports the materials, and is ready for the conference

"in the past, printing conference materials was the biggest headache. We had to arrange two people for printing, and it took twoorthree hours. Sometimes the printer went on strike, sometimes the materials were urgently modified, and we had to print them again. It was really a sweat. The waste of paper was amazing, and we used almost 10 packets of paper every month." Hutiejun told us, "later, the group purchased a special iPad for meetings. The Department expressly stipulated that printing was not allowed, and all meetings were conducted with projection and iPad. We also saved a lot of effort for high-end and environmental protection."

"the conference consumes a lot of paper, and many conference materials are only used once, which can be completely replaced by iPad." Chenchanggen, the project director of paperless office, told me. Sany purchased 110 special iPads for conferences, and maintained and updated the projection system of 119 conference rooms where the group would develop new products and improve product requirements to ensure normal use. "The company's leaders have given great support to our work. Nowadays, there are few paper materials in the meetings presided over by the company's directors."

the amount of paper consumed under various process regulations is also considerable. "During the peak production period, we have to print about one package of paper a day." Liangting, the data officer of the pumping manufacturing department, told us that in the past, all trucks coming to the company had to print a four page logistics direction sheet. The project team found that the company's purchase delivery note has integrated the "logistics direction" function, and the warehouse number, qualified quality inspection quantity and other information on the logistics direction note can be reflected in the delivery note. Therefore, by streamlining the process, Sany cancelled the printing of logistics direction sheet and promoted it in the whole group. "Now, our department no longer needs to print. The receiving process is smoother than before, reducing some unnecessary links." Liangting said

the waste of employees' daily printing is also gradually being corrected. "In order to cultivate employees' habit of saving paper, we issue daily printing assessment notices every month to inform employees of printing waste. We also use a variety of means to promote and implement the concept of saving paper." Li Xi, a member of the paperless project team, told me

compared with the same period in 2011, the printing cost of Sany industrial parks decreased by about 5million yuan in 2012

move 2: the application of informatization saves more than 20million yuan.

"previously, the schedule of Sany video conference was very full, and it usually had to apply a few days in advance before it could be arranged." Liu can, a network engineer, told me. Since the addition of a conference management server (MCU) that can accommodate 30 party simultaneous video, there is no need to wait for a video conference in Sany

in addition, Sany has also built 10 new video conference rooms and completed the construction of video systems for 14 primary agents; By using the WebEx Internet video line, the company has built overseas and domestic video conference systems, connecting all the group's video conference resources, and running the breakfast meeting, remote interview and video conference smoothly

2012, the three held more than 2700 video conferences, effectively saving more than 20million yuan in travel expenses, improving and meeting the performance needs of the sports industry and the group's operation and scheduling efficiency

in addition, Sany has enabled the remote recruitment system to realize the remote interview function of real-time viewing of video, voice and electronic resume. According to the newly revised recruitment management system, except for the final general manager meeting, all field interviews adopt remote interviews. In order to better promote this system, the three have installed 235 sets of remote video interview systems for the human resources department and leaders above the president assistant level. In 2012, this system saved about 800000 yuan in recruitment fees for Sany, and also avoided the back and forth of candidates

at the same time, in order to effectively avoid repeated training in various units, the learning system has been fully utilized in Sany. Various training courses of the group are recorded as videos and uploaded to the learning system. The human resources department will also upload some popular open management course resources. At present, there are hundreds of videos in the learning system

nowadays, about 1000 people study every day, and Randy? Pausch's "time management" speech received 6157 hits

move 3: Innovation in details saves about 3million yuan in reception expenses

careful employees will notice that banners and red balloons are no longer used in the company's major reception. "The company has many reception tasks. The red banners don't look expensive, but they add up to a considerable fee. Moreover, this reception method is too Chinese, so we used the electronic welcome screen to replace the banners." Zhaoguanqun, Minister of reception department, told me

at the same time, in terms of hotel check-in, Sany signed a new hotel catering agreement unit and tried to renew the more preferential hotel catering unit. At present, the number of Sany agreement catering hotels has reached 271 in China and 74 abroad

in March this year, the new employee community of Sany hostel opened, with a total of 40 rooms. "Sany guest house mainly entertains trainees from other places. Previously, they stayed in hotels around Xingsha. Now, Sany doesn't need to pay this fee." The staff of the guest house told me

2012, when the vibration frequency of the excitation system is equal to the natural frequency of the system itself, about 3million yuan will be saved for daily reception and conference

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