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Sany rotary drilling rig helps the construction of light rail in the capital of Bangladesh, The project is the first urban rail transit project developed by the Bangladesh government to improve the traffic situation in the capital Dhaka and focus on the automobile industry and urban environment. As one of the infrastructure projects with the highest priority, the Minister of transport of the country also attended the ceremony. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the key links of the light rail project, and to ensure the construction quality and progress of the light rail in the most critical pile foundation construction link, the construction party, Sinohydro Bureau 8 Co., Ltd., has selected the Sany rotary drilling rig with stable performance and reliable quality. For this purpose, a total of 5 sets of Sany rotary drilling rigs including sr155 and sr265 have been purchased. In addition, the construction party also purchased a full range of equipment such as Sany Heavy Machinery and sany concrete equipment to jointly ensure the implementation of the light rail project

the commencement ceremony triggered many media reports in Bangladesh

the Minister of transport of Bangladesh attended the commencement ceremony of Dhaka light rail line 6

participated in the commencement ceremony and led the inspection of the project site

a complete set of Sany construction machinery and equipment serving Dhaka light rail line 6

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