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Japanese scientists invented a sensor based wine tasting robot

researchers from necsystemtechnologies and MieUniversity designed a robot that can taste and recognize dozens of different wines, cheeses and appetizers. The director of the Research Laboratory of NEC system technology company and the director of the robot project said that now there are all kinds of robots that can do different things in the world, but we decided to focus our robot research on wine tasting, which seems to be a real challenge. "

last month, they showed people the fruits of their two-year research. A green and white robot prototype with eyes can rotate its head after 10 years of canned packaging. Whenever the robot speaks, its mouth will shine. But it doesn't taste wine with its mouth

there is an infrared spectrometer at the end of the robot's left arm. When the object is placed in front of the sensor, the robot will emit an infrared ray. Then the robot analyzes the reflected light in real time to determine the chemical composition of the object

the researchers said that all food has a specific texture, and the robot can use the pre stored data to identify the object it is checking. When identifying a kind of wine, the robot will say its brand in a childlike childish voice, and make a comment or two on its taste, for example, whether it is a buttery Chardonnay (a sweet white wine similar to Chablis) or a rich Shiraz, and use those drinking dishes to match

through the input program, it can identify the wine that the owner likes, and will recommend new wine varieties suitable for the owner's taste. Because it can analyze the chemical composition or food of alcohol placed in front of it. Because China's extruder products are closely related to strategic new industries, it can also remind the owner of possible health problems and gently warn the owner to eat less high-fat or salty food. This is a very personal robot

this function has other useful applications. If you give it three ripe apples that look exactly the same, the robot can accurately know which one tastes sweet and which two taste sour without tasting it. But now robots don't have to worry about humans immediately arranging work for them. There are thousands of kinds of alcohol sold on the market, and the robot can only accurately identify dozens of them according to the input program. When the wine bottle is opened, the chemical composition in the air will change, which will cause more interference to the robot. Vanillin based phosphorus containing self flame retardant epoxy resin prepared by Ningbo materials will cause more interference

the ingredients of alcohol are very similar, and the robot must be able to detect the subtle differences. Some of its mistakes will make the sommelier suffer the bad luck of being dismissed, or fall into a worse situation than this

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