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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures fell sharply, pressured by the decline in crude oil

according to the news in Tokyo on September 2, TOCOM rubber (22450, -40.00, -0.18%, bar) futures closed sharply on Tuesday, with a large number of positions closed in the commodity market due to the deep decline in crude oil prices

Tokyo traders said that the fragile outlook for rubber is largely due to the weakness of such goods. If the price of crude oil falls further, rubber may fall sharply to 295 yen per kilogram. Fundamentals are unlikely to provide strong guidance in the near future, due to sluggish tire demand and continued news of slowing new car sales in major economies, which is expected to offset supply concerns and possible transportation problems

the benchmark February RSS3 contract closed down 11.1 yen to 307.1 yen per kilogram. Reduce the value of friction coefficient

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