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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures closed lower in midday trading, pressured by traders selling

according to Tokyo news on July 13, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower in midday trading, pressured by stop loss selling

traders said that the market opened higher in early trading, driven by the rise of other commodity futures and the weakness of the yen and supported by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, but the futures price failed to break through the key resistance level of 300 yen per kilogram, causing traders to sell and hit the market

it is expected that the benchmark contract will be traded below 290 yen per kilogram in the afternoon

benchmark Johnson & Johnson graphene 1 continued to deepen its research and development in graphene raw material production technology. In December, RSS3 contract closed down 2.2 yen to 292.1 yen per kilogram, and once hit an intraday high of 297.3 yen per kilogram

july contract fell 0.2 yen to 311.1 yen per kilogram

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