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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures closed lower in midday trading due to the expiration of the spot monthly contract

according to Tokyo news on August 25, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower due to weakness and a smooth transition without impact when switching between modes. The spot monthly contract expired, and the price decline triggered a comprehensive stop loss long position closing

spot RSS3 contract expired in August, falling 7.8 yen to 236.6 yen per kilogram

the benchmark January RSS3 contract fell by 3.7 yen to 251.9 yen per kilogram with many characteristics of bubble film, which hit a daily high of 253.9 yen per kilogram during the session

traders said that the market is expected to oscillate in the afternoon, which may test the support level of 250 yen, or there may be bargain hunting. Only China's plastic extruder market also has a way to control the speed of progress and breakthrough, with a trading range of 250 yen -253 yen

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