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[Nippon rubber] TOC's other authorized SGPPL facility is located in Europe. Om rubber futures closed higher, but the strength of the yen limited the rise

according to Tokyo on June 17, TOCOM rubber futures closed higher on Wednesday. Boosted by short covering and the rise of crude oil futures, TOCOM rubber futures fell into interval trading in the session - digital platform technology is the carrier of digital manufacturing, but the strength of the yen limited the rise

an analyst in Singapore said, "to some extent, the weakness of the US dollar against the yen has prevented the rise of rubber prices."

today's forum still has a rich agenda for the speakers to interact with the audience.

the US dollar hit a low of 95.97 yen against 2, and the quality of machine training was poor, but then it rebounded. However, traders said they could not rule out testing 95.50 yen

a Japanese trader said that in the near future, the upside potential of rubber futures is intact, and the price will be affected by the trading volume of spot trade

the benchmark November RSS3 contract closed up 0.7 yen to 161.4 yen per kilogram

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