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The current situation of the Russian printing and packaging industry market (II)

● thoughts on the investigation of the Far East trade in Russia. Note: at the end of April, the printing press association organized an economic and trade investigation in Vladivostok, Russia. The meeting was held in the conference hall of the children's palace in Vladivostok, Russia. 25 people from Russia attended the meeting, including Andre, vice president of the Russian Far East Federation of industry and commerce, leaders of printing plants and heads of marketing enterprises. The competent leaders of the city also attended the meeting. At the meeting, the Secretary General introduced the members of the delegation and the general situation of China's printing machinery products, especially the product quality, and answered their questions about standards, product specifications and so on. The Russian side arranged to visit a newspaper printing plant and a packaging printing plant, and had in-depth discussions with two dealers who acted as agents for Chinese printing machinery products. Although the contact time is short, we have a preliminary understanding of the Russian Far East market, and we can get the following impression

1. From the perspective of equipment allocation of the two printing plants, it is basically second-hand Offset printing machines, cutting and die-cutting equipment. Due to the small number of printed copies of the color newspaper, the printing machine adopts the paper feeding method of three groups of lower paper feeding and upper printing in the United States, and another group adopts the semi satellite printing method of the upper part of the paper feeding, with two folding outlets, no automatic paper receiving device, and the printing speed is about 30000. Color packaging prints are completed by two Adast monochrome machines and circular flattening die-cutting machines

2. Both enterprises have proposed to update the equipment, but due to lack of funds, they are more interested in introducing equipment by lease

3. Through communication, they found that they knew nothing about Chinese printing equipment. After looking at the samples, they expressed doubts about the product standards, performance status and product quality, and proposed that only when they saw the spot goods, they could determine their intention to buy Chinese equipment

4. After communicating with the two marketing enterprises, they expressed great interest in the products of five enterprises in China, considered the quotation competitive, expressed their willingness to act as agents for Chinese printing machine equipment, and proposed to visit Chinese printing machine manufacturing enterprises

5. For the product samples, Russia proposed to make a comparison between Chinese and Russian to facilitate economic and trade negotiations and exchanges

6. The border trade with Russia in Suifenhe, Heilongjiang Province has reached a certain scale, and the total export trade has reached 5billion yuan. The export products are mainly textiles, shoes and hats, and hardware products. Every day, about 1000 people enter Suifenhe to buy the above products in large quantities, just like in the early days of China's reform and opening up. There should be a certain market for small and medium-sized printing machine equipment related to people's life if it is displayed and sold in Suifenhe

7. Every September, Russia holds the machinery exhibition of printing machines providing good shock absorption performance for feet, which is a good opportunity to display Chinese printing machinery and equipment. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the exhibition, we can not only show sales, but also discuss the choice of agents and cooperation methods, and from then on, we can develop to Eastern Europe

in short, China's printing machinery should lead the competition abroad like household appliances, and constantly improve the product quality, especially the service quality, under the test of export conditions, so as to promote the development of printing machinery manufacturing industry and adapt to the trade challenges after China's entry into WTO

● how to register the representative office of foreign companies in Russia

the representative office of foreign companies can be registered in the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, as well as in the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation. In addition, the delegation procedures and comprehensive registration shall be completed in the national registration bureau

(I) the following documents and procedures are required for registration with the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation:

1. Foreign companies submit a written application letter to the director general of the administrative department of the Ministry, including the company's organization, main business scope, business term in the Russian market, Russian trading partners and matters to be solved with the assistance of the representative office

2. Copy of the articles of Association

3. Trade list summary

4. Credit certificate issued by the bank for the company

5. Letters of recommendation from Russian partners supporting foreign companies to apply for registration of representative offices in the Russian Ministry of economic development and trade

the above documents need to be notarized, certified and translated into Russian by the Russian consulate abroad. The import amount is affected by the large import of precious non-metallic minerals such as diamonds. The examination and registration time of the above documents is 60 days

after registering the representative office, the foreign company and the representative office have the right to:

1. Open the bank account required by the representative office

2. Apply for the residence and office space of the staff in the apartment of the diplomatic service bureau of the Russian Ministry of foreign affairs

3. Through the help of the Ministry of development and trade of the Russian economy after 3 and 14 days of training, the company obtained the visa for sending Russian staff. Staff members can apply for personal registration at the Russian Ministry of economic development and trade, get work cards, and help them deal with multiple round-trip visas for staff and family members

(II) in the registered representative office of the Russian chamber of Commerce and industry, the following documents should be provided:

1. The written application letter signed by the person in charge of the company should indicate the name of the company, the time of establishment, the location of the company, the main activities, the board of directors and leading institutions created according to the articles of association, the purpose of opening the representative office, the business contacts with Russian partners, the prospects for cooperation and development, the address of the representative office in Russia, and the fax number

2. Articles of association or regulations

3. Company registration certificate

4. The decision of the company to open a representative office in the Russian Federation

5. The working regulations of the representative office, including the internal working principles, and the rights and obligations between the representative office and the company

6. Credit certificate issued by the bank for the company

7. Letters of recommendation from two reputable Russian business partners (a letter of recommendation from the local chamber of Commerce and industry is also required to open a local representative office)

if a foreign company that has a representative office in Moscow needs to open another representative office in other places, it must obtain the approval and provide the documents listed in paragraphs 1, 4, 5 and 7 above

the documents listed in paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 6 above need to be notarized, and should be certified by the Russian leading institutions abroad or the state organs of the countries participating in the 1961 Hague International Convention and the notarized Russian translation

if, according to the national law of the company to be registered, the opening of a representative office abroad must be approved by the state authority, a notarized and certified approval letter should be provided and attached to the application

according to the request of the Russian chamber of Commerce and industry, foreign companies should provide the chamber with other information about their activities

a power of attorney for human rights of the head of the company's representative office in Russia should be submitted to the Russian chamber of Commerce and industry. The power of attorney should be notarized, and the representatives who negotiate on the opening of the representative office on behalf of the company should also submit a notarized power of attorney

the registration fee shall be paid before the approval is obtained

if the representative office needs to extend, it should submit the following files:

1. The application letter signed by the person in charge of the foreign company

2. The work summary of the company's representative office should indicate the correspondence address, fax number, list of resident staff and their resident certificate number, list of Russian employees (last name, first name, father's name and date of birth), etc

3. In addition to the letters of recommendation from two reliable Russian partners, the local representative office must also be attached with the letter of recommendation from the local chamber of Commerce and industry

in addition, according to the decision of the Russian government on April 1st, 1999, the preferential treatment that the representative offices of foreign companies in Russia have enjoyed since 1994, which can bring a series of goods for their own use (main office equipment) into Russia duty-free, has been cancelled, and the above-mentioned goods are subject to import customs duties and other relevant taxes when they are transported to the customs territory of the Russian Federation. (Economic Counselor's office of China in Russia)

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