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The market tells you: how popular the aerial work platform will be in the next few years

the market tells you: how popular the aerial work platform will be in the next few years

China Construction machinery information

[economic situation]

in 2014, the slowdown of China's economic growth has become the consensus of all walks of life. Under the background of the slow recovery of the global economy and fierce international competition, China's Construction machinery industry has fallen into the swamp of overcapacity. How to get out? The answer is to break through the technological monopoly of developed countries and establish comparative advantages in competition with emerging economies. New and innovative industries such as aerial work platforms have naturally become the main engine system of the current Jinan assaying 600 ton horizontal tensile testing machine; Oil source system; Control, measurement and display systems constitute a breakthrough for China's construction machinery enterprises to focus on growth

[industry prospects]

the international market is developing steadily

the export areas of aerial work products are widely distributed. According to different market conditions, they can be divided into two categories: European and American markets and other countries and regions in the world

the first category is the European and American markets. Europe and the United States are the largest markets for the consumption of aerial work platforms in the world. The dealers of simbond heavy industry in Europe and the United States all said that the rental market in this region is very hot, and the demand for products is huge. We hope that simbond heavy industry can give policy support to a certain extent in the next cooperation

the second category is South America, Asia and the Middle East. The products in these markets are mainly used in the harsh working environment such as oil mines and docks, but there is a great demand for large-scale aerial work platforms such as curved arms, which are also very important for the direct test of their fall resistance

the domestic market has broad prospects for development

at present, the market capacity of aerial work platforms in China is small, and the products are not widely used. However, with the development of China's economic construction, the demand for aerial work platforms is also growing rapidly

the production safety guarantee system has been continuously improved and improved, and the safety requirements for high-altitude operations have been improved; In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the attention of relevant units to construction efficiency promotes the upgrading of construction equipment; The trend of rising labor costs and tight employment in China provides opportunities for mechanized operations to replace manual operations and aerial work platforms to replace traditional high tools. Driven by national policies and market demand, the scale of China's aerial work platform industry is constantly expanding. In the future, the Chinese market is expected to become the three most important sales areas of aerial work platform manufacturing industry alongside the United States and Europe

[energy conservation and environmental protection]

with the increasingly serious air pollution in China, the state has gradually attached importance to energy conservation and environmental protection. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly issued the implementation plan of major environmental protection equipment and product industrialization projects, proposing that by 2016, China's environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, achieve a total industrial output value of 700 billion yuan of environmental protection equipment, and major environmental protection equipment will basically meet the domestic market demand

electric scissors and electric curved arms in aerial work platforms are listed in this line. According to the person in charge of the Sales Department of Xingbang heavy industry, their company's annual best-selling products also happen to be electric scissors series products. The biggest feature of this series of products is that they are driven by motors, whether walking or lifting, with low noise and no pollution. Their traceless tires can make them drive in indoor workplaces without fear

Ms. xuhongxia, chairman of Xingbang heavy industry, delivered a speech on the theme of "scientific and technological innovation and model innovation" at the 2014 year-end summary conference. She pointed out: "we must accumulate our technological capabilities through precipitation, rely on technology to build our core competitiveness, explore our new model, and rewrite the industry pattern." In her words, we can deeply feel the pressure she is facing

although the current economic situation is very good and the market prospect is broad, aerial work platforms are bound to be popular in the next few years. However, the competitive pressure brought by international brands to domestic aerial work platform enterprises is bound to increase greatly. In order to take the lead in the current situation, our own strength must be strong, otherwise, our enterprises can only watch others eat it

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