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According to the latest survey conducted by Plimsoll publishing, a printing industry consulting company, large label printing enterprises in the UK are currently facing fierce competition, and managers are facing unprecedented challenges and pressures

this study found that 90 large enterprises in the UK control nearly 98% of the market share, while this figure was only 94% two years ago. As a result, large enterprises compete fiercely with each other in order to obtain more market share. Researchers believe that disorderly competition will affect the profitability of each enterprise

among the 90 label enterprises surveyed:

41 enterprises said that the sales growth in recent years was not obvious

43 enterprises said that the sales situation was worse than the previous two years

59 enterprises said that the sales revenue could not increase with the growth of investment

38 enterprises said that if they want to maintain their position in the market, they must increase liabilities

plimsoll senior analyst David Pattison commented on this: Recently, As the British economy slows down, long-standing problems in the market will be highlighted. In the past few years, the enterprise has made considerable profits, and the managers' willingness to invest is obvious, so the return is quite abundant. Due to the fact that the global economy in 2008 has two collets, the enterprise managers are not optimistic about the income situation of the enterprise since its development. Aggressive investment plans may push enterprises to a more dangerous situation. In this survey, it shows that almost all kinds of materials are covered; 27 enterprises failed in investment "The formulation of national standards for fully biodegradable express bags.

the results are very serious. These enterprises must reconsider their investment plans carefully. If enterprises blindly pursue the improvement of development speed, they may lose important customers and key projects.

at this time, the decision-making of enterprise managers is very important, and they can adjust the development speed of enterprises. The sooner managers make decisions, the loss of enterprises will be The less you lose. In addition, if some projects are not profitable, managers must make bold decisions to stop or sell

the nearly 245 page survey report of Plimsoll also shows that the business volume of 90 enterprises has decreased by 40% in the past 12 months

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