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Summer paper packaging "normal temperature milk" highlights the advantages of energy conservation

with the advent of summer, the voice of advocating energy conservation is getting higher and higher. In terms of food packaging, paper packaged normal temperature milk is favored by its energy-saving advantages, especially under the situation of severe electricity consumption

normal temperature milk is also called super. StarTech shares five important factors that affect the performance, accuracy and service life of the electronic tensile testing machine: high temperature sterilized milk. The common packaging is brick type or pillow type paper packaging. The package is of paper aluminum plastic composite structure, which can completely resist the invasion of harmful factors, and can be stored at room temperature for 45 days to 6 months without preservatives

from the perspective of logistics, since there is no need to refrigerate from the factory, ordinary trucks can be used instead of cold storage trucks for transportation, which reduces fuel consumption, and brick packaging is convenient to maximize the use of space, thus improving logistics efficiency. There is no need for refrigeration during storage, which is naturally conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction

from the consumer side, there is a popular concept abroad called carbon footprint, which refers to the emission of greenhouse gases generated by human behavior, thereby affecting the environment. After normal temperature milk is bought home, there is no need to refrigerate, and the load of the refrigerator is not increased, which not only saves electricity, but also reduces the energy consumption of the family, and naturally reduces the carbon footprint of each family. In addition, with the advent of midsummer, nutritious and delicious milk is most likely to deteriorate, and the requirements for temperature, light and other conditions are very strict. Normal temperature milk without refrigeration naturally eliminates these concerns, even if it is powered off

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